Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Sapphic Tendency To Sue

THERE is much to be said for lesbians, who enlived many a footy club pie night when the Professor was young and whipcord taut and still up to rucking for the Waterhole 18. Those days have long passed, but the happy memories linger – and they are proud memories, too, for when the girls put away the whips and marrows a hearty round of applause always ensued. It was the gentlemanly thing to do and, if a recent ruling from the other end of the world is any indication, by far the safest legal course.

Insulting a lesbian is worth $15,000 in fines, according to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, which has imposed those penalties on a Vancouver comedy club MC and the establishment’s proprietor.

It is not known if the complainant, a Miss Pardy, is available for footy club social functions, but in the light of the tribunal’s ruling it would seem much safer to have her on stage, preferably with a companion, than in the audience.


  1. You might wish to keep a suitable length of hessian handy should the necessity of a cover-up occur. During the original recountings of this sad story, Mz Pardy's acumen was on par with her Helenic countenance.


  2. We await with baited breath the great day when instead of Willy and Kate we have two queens walking down the aisle at Westminster Abbey. They'll all be there no doubt gushing over the handsome pair whichever they are, but will the streets be lined, that is the question?