Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Christmas Miracle, Please

CHRISTMAS is coming, that season for good will and displays of effusive sincerity. It is the time to overlook others' shortcomings, to extend the hand of friendship and embrace good fellowship in all its warmth and wonder. Let us dispel those jaundiced thoughts of corruption and betrayal, of wilfull blindness and dereliction of responsibility. If the Climategate 2.0 emails have not yet received the attention many think they deserve, well we are bound at this moment to set cynicism aside, prefering to believe the heritage media's stewards of truth have been beset by more pressing matters. They will get to it eventually -- that is the message we must tell ourselves in the interim.

Still, it never hurts to drop a little hint. So why not print out Josh's graphic below and send it off as a special card to your favourite environmental reporter:

And do you know what? By this time next year, Adam Morton of The Age, Ben Cubby at the Silly and any number of earnest souls at the ABC might be just about be ready to consider taking a preliminary look at leaker FOIA's email trove. And if not next year, definitely the one after.


  1. Great tip but I suggest a slight improvement. Print off heaps and send them to anyone who has pissed you off in AGW terms this year. My list starts with Peter Fitzsimons, David Marr, Barrie Cassidy, Greg Combet, Penny Wong, All the Greens, Ross Gittins, Lenore Taylor, Tim the Flim Flam Man, David Karoly, Greg Hunt, ...

  2. Wishful thinking, I'm afraid, Professor.

    Investigative journalism in relation to the ABC and the Fairfax media, appears to be missing in action in this country these days. On the other hand, a concerted campaign is underway to ensure Murdoch journalists critical of the group-think mindset are to be emasculated. As we know, some already have been.

    Thanks to the Bloggers (for the time being)some of the great unwashed are able to evaluate and form their own opinions without fear nor favour. Unfortunately, not all voters access blogs.

    Implementation of censorship on several levels is something this Government takes seriously. Our right to know is a luxury of the past, it seems.

    I'm afraid by the time voters have the chance to rectify this appalling state, the damage will have been done.


  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.December 6, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    Oh me oh my, Santa's sack is FULL of emails this year isn't it? Season's Greetings, warmies.