Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lara Bingle For PM!

COMPARE and contrast:

Lara Bingle: Had an affair with then-Blue Brendan Fevola
Julia Gillard: Kissed former Bulldogs forward Barry Hall
Score: Bingle 10; Gillard 2

Lara Bingle: Gets lots of freebies from designers whose clothes she models
Julia Gillard: Got lots of free clothes from crooked boyfriend via Town Mode
Score: Bingle 10; Gillard 4 (penalised for having to sleep with her wardrobe master)

and the clincher...

Lara Bingle:  Looked good in not much while doing crappy Tourism Australia ads
Julia Gillard: Looks awful in a truthful pitch to waterborne New Australians-to-be
Score: Bingle 10; Gillard 3
That puts Bingle ahead by a score of 30 to 9. Here's the ad that sealed the deal:

Readers who believe they may have further reasons why Bingle should take over as PM are invited to air them as comments.


  1. Bingle is obviously far more intelligent, you need more than a Tarago to carry Bingle's fans, and Bingle has a hugely superior puplic image overseas.

    1. Good points. And Bingle's staff number less than her fans.

  2. I will be on the 11.10m boat Thursday. Could you please have my house ready and also all the cards I will need to access your superb welcome system. When settled I have 196 rellies ready to join me. Ta ever so.

  3. To my knowledge no papparazzi has ever even attempted to catch Ms Gillard in the nuddy so at least there is some security cost saving with regards the incumbant.

  4. 4 parts of carbon dioxide in 10,000.
    Carbon dioxide where the bloody hell are you.

  5. Well just like Gillard, Lara Bingle is famous for being famous so yes they are similar in a spooky way. The problem for both is that you can't be famous unless you actually do something and Lara lives in this pad that is not her real place. Gillard lives in a place that is not her home. Both manufacture an illusion about themselves and spruik it on TV. Parts of Lara's TV show just like Gillard's - half real and half false, but also half of their "show" is a fantasy world that is scripted for us to believe in - aided and abetted by a compliant Media.

    The problem is that not many of us are biting or believing the spin. So many people these days have access to social media like twitter and facebook and invent themselves - a make believe persona like Bingle and Gillard. They crank up their friends list like Rudd does and make up stories about their dark past. Although Gillard likes to tone her's down. They have their implants and makeovers in the womens magazines like Gillard did when she grabbed the Prime-ministership. Which version is the real Julia now? We're not sure and after a while we've stopped listening anyway to the Bingle Show and now we've completely stopped watching the Gillard Show. And it shows. The ratings have plummeted and we're just waiting for the Executive Producer to pull the plug...

    After Gillard's show is axed the question is what will she do?

    Mark Latham writes for the Financial Review and appears on Sky News with witty observations, but Gillard when axed is kind of a clueless Klutz. I mean that in a nice way.
    What can she do? Write a book? Justify her cluelessness? She hasn't much of a future except as the woman who destroyed the Labor Party. Lara Bingle could well fill her shoes and do a better job from whatever charred remains are left of the ALP.

  6. I like her ...unlike the wooden headed troll ...I don't feel the urge to vomit when I look at her , that's gotta be a vote winner , not to mention she would see global warming as good beach weather , carbon tax " get the bloody hell away with ya" .

  7. Bingle would do a better job.

  8. Gillard in the nuddy?

    Not an image I would like to conjure.

    Thanks, Anonymous.

  9. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.July 25, 2012 at 9:09 PM

    If you're going to try to sell a rotten set of policies, or a hopeless advertising concept aimed at turning off tourists, at least put some sex into it. Bingle wins hands down. Gillard is as sexy as a cold wet haddock. Lara's experienced with the tourism gig, now ready for the big policy-sell job. As the ad says to our latest well-off cruise arrivals, why the bloody hell wouldn't you? Gotta be better than what we've got, Prof. You are on a winner.

    1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm....haddock....via Homer Simpson .

  10. Laura has a larger bra size than Julia's IQ

  11. I truly believe if Lara Bingle were PM, and she knew the population hated hearing that 'communahdee', she would PUT A STOP TO IT.
    So yes, she'd be an improvement on the ghastly Gillard.
    Josie Q

  12. Lara Bingle: People want to see her dancing with the stars.
    Julia Gillard: People want to see her dancing with wolves.

  13. Julia is one, Laura has one (so I'm informed)

  14. Lara is infinitely hotter, not much stupider and actually speaks better; she certainly couldn't embarrass the country any more than this current idiot.

  15. Lara's had relationships with famous people.
    Julia's had relationships with infamous people.