Saturday, March 3, 2012

Carr In Reverse

OUR soon-to-be foreign minister may be our soon-to-be-ex prime minister's most inspired appointment to date. No training required with this bloke, who already understands the ease with which ugly and inconvenient things can be made to vanish.

Behold! Now nestling in the Gillard gullytrap beside disappeared riot organiser Tony Hodges, Fair Work Australia's probe of Craig Thomson and the Droner From Altona's free frocks from Town Mode, there is this just-deleted post from Bob Carr's little blog. Fortunately, a cached version remains and it is reproduced below:

Don’t Meet This Cunning Monk

The Prime Minister should feel no obligation to meet the Dalai Lama, indeed should feel an obligation not to meet him. He is a religious leader but also a cunning one with a political agenda. His agenda is not in Australia’s interest.

First, his plan for Tibetan autonomy goes well beyond religious affairs and veers close to separatism. Tibet has been part of China since the Manchu dynasty. There is no more reason China would accept a loosening of its ties with Tibet than we would accept West Australian autonomous status within the Australian federation.

Second, his definition of Tibet includes parts of Yunnan and Sichuan provinces – because they have Tibetan minorities. The Chinese cannot see this as anything other than an attack on their territorial integrity, their very sovereignty. It is an outrageous claim. It is designed to antagonize the Chinese.

His strategy is to keep coming here and forcing his presence on Canberra, presumably to generate ill-feeling between us and the Chinese. The Prime Minister is under no obligation to see him, no more than she would to accept a courtesy call from the Archbishop of Canterbury if he insisted on being here every 18 months. No, the case for not seeing the Lama is stronger: behind the self-effacing shuffle and the grins he has a mischievous agenda in pursuit of theocratic power.

Reinstating a theocracy over Tibet in opposition to China – and the UN and the entire world recognize Chinese sovereignty in Tibet – is not remotely a matter of Australian interest. Sorry, but the PM has a full agenda and other priorities.

No doubt about it. Bob Carr fits right in.

(HT: Thanks to reader Josh for sending the link.)


  1. So instead of a media-addicted celebrity globe-hopper in a VIP jet, we now have what the Australian fruitloop left bays for: An anti-war, anti-American would-be socialist intellectual who will instead consecrate our worship of the Chinese Communist Party. Just as well we’ve got a punitive new socialist taxation regime to finance Australia’s withdrawal from the ANZUS alliance.

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.March 3, 2012 at 9:04 AM

    Oh dear, two Carrs in the Parliamentary garage plus two Bobs' worth of socialist politics and greenery with which to adorn her Slippery reputation. Talk about a House of Cards built on shifty sands, all held up by some shaky old hands. Mao mug throwing at ten paces? Go girl.

    1. Calpurnia's CatMarch 3, 2012 at 12:40 PM

      Any way this li'l titdbit could be sent to the very very concerned Richard Gere?

  3. I tend to agree with Bob here.

    The DL is some sort of global pop-star who exploits his celebrity to get a foot in the door with those world leaders seeking popularity with the luvvies (I'm thinking of the LA set in particular, here).

    Of course he has the right to seek an audience with world leaders regarding Tibetan independence (much like Gusmao and East Timor or any other freedom seeker), but leaders should be more circumspect with their interactions.

  4. When Bob says 'the Chinese', he doesn't mean the Chinese. He means the criminals at the top of the CCP. Their organ harvesting murder and torture racket is "cruel, gross, horrifying, systematic, and widespread" - and publicised: Kilgour Matas report at Where are the "International Community" and our ICC now? Where are we, for that matter?

  5. I've with Carr on this one. I've never understood the love affair the world has with the DL. His aim is to establish a theocracy run by him and his monks, why would anyone think this is a good idea? Bob Browns admiration for him is also peculiar. The DL and his religion condemn homosexuality as well as oral sex, yet Bob reckons that the DL is the best. Very strange.

    1. Don't disagree with you about the saint in Gucci sandals, as Murdoch called the DL, as keeping theocrats of all sorts away from government is a very good idea. That said, what do you make of Carr scratching old posts, especially when they can be foundf so easily. It says a lot about his principles and, more worrying, his smarts.

    2. Going on Boltas post re Carrs views on the US etc I reckon that Carr will be doing a lot of back stepping in the near future. To remove posts is just plain dumb, is he so ignorant of the internet not to know that nothing is ever deleted? I doubt that he is a complete dill but he must not have any idea of how blogs etc work, and now he's foreign minister. The attempt at deletion does say much about his principles but being a Labor politician I doubt he has any.I reckon this will be just one more time bomb for Gillard.

  6. It's still there as an older post with I think the same content