Saturday, June 15, 2013

From Puberty Blues to Menopausal Moolah

ANDREW BOLT links to the audio of a BBC interview with, as he puts it, "professional Australian Kathy Lette", and that description is correct in more ways than he can probably have imagined.

A professional, remember, is someone who accepts payment for their work, and that category certainly includes Ms Lette. From the Australia Council's register of relatively recent payments:

Click the image to see how much Australians pay the wife of an extraordinarily wealthy QC to libel their native land

UPDATE: To her credit, and unlike another recipient of Australia Council largesse, Lette is not known to masturbate with a skinned rabbit.


  1. got forwarded a tweet,supposedly first written by the abc movie show host,david stratton.

    mr stratton tweeted that he 'had been approached to speak at a young liberals fundraiser,unfortunately he had a prior engagement to rub a cheesegrater up and down his face that evening' all funny,and entitled to the hate,but the abc groupthink celebrates this mindset,and if it is bad to bully and bastardise in the defence forces,how is it good to bully and bastardise conservatives,until there are none left in the abc?.

  2. ... with a properly furry rabbit?


  3. A new government has a way of getting Labor's deficit back towards surplus. Put a broom through the Australia Council and its grants heavily weighted to the political Left. Another broom through the Research Council and its grants to so many global warming opportunists. And another broom through all the grants to political lobby groups like "refugee advocates" that waste our money on expensive court cases pursuing their political ends. Worth more than the mining tax I expect.

    Pedro of Adelaide

  4. Lette embarrasses me whenever she opens her mouth.

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.June 17, 2013 at 10:13 AM

    A professional un-Australian, I think, Prof. Like Germaine Greer, another one of them, she is clueless about what is really going on here.

  6. Perfessor. Surely a "profession" infers more than just payment? Otherwise such a person should be better described as a mercenary.
    In my understanding, a 'professional' is someone who by dint of their superior learning willingly sets part of their time aside to assist others who do not have specific skills and learning, without payment or acknowledgement.

  7. I cringe whenever I see her try and do the same tired old schtick, over and over. She is just hopeless.