Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Next, rabbits will be funding myxo

Readers will perhaps forgive the Professor for going on at the length of quite a few recent posts about Arts Victoria and the money it is lavishing on people and institutions a reasonable soul might regard as antithetical to the priorities and philosophy of a conservative state government.

Well here is just one more entry in the list of aid and comforts bestowed upon the enemy:

Melbourne Writers Festival, MELBOURNE $259,000
Melbourne Writers Festival is Melbourne's annual two-week event for writers, readers and thinkers. The Festival engages over 350 international, national and local writers at over 300 events each year.

And here is the MWF's 2013 guest list:

Gay Alcorn, Cathy Alexander, Dennis Altman, Wendy Bacon, The Bedroom Philosopher, Eric Beecher, Larissa Behrendt, Sophie Black, Julian Burnside, Jennifer Byrne, Fiona Capp, Jane Caro, Michael Cathcart, Alison Croggon, Mary Crooks, Sushi Das, Catherine Deveny, Anne Deveson, Charles Firth, Morag Fraser, Anna Goldsworthy, Jonathan Green, Libbi Gorr, Wendy Harmer, Joan Kirner, Ramona Koval, Mark Latham, Benjamin Law, Antony Loewenstein, Amanda Lohrey, Miriam Lyons, Father Bob Maguire, Anne Manne, David McKnight, Peter McPhee, George Megalogenis, Tony Moore, Terry Moran, Denis Muller, Ben Pobje, Henry Reynolds, Peter Rose, Julianne Schultz, Margaret Simons, Peter Singer, Tim Soutphommasane, Jeff Sparrow, Fiona Stanley, Anne Summers, Magda Szubanski, Arnold Zable.

Go through the list. Every single one of those names is a lefty, most moving from one publicly funded trough to the next and calling that a career.

Who is handing this money out? How much is going to mates? What steps has Premier Napthine taken to reform arts funding in the Garden State?

If Napthine won't act, why should he expect decent people to vote for him in 2014?


  1. Good question, Prof. Any thoughts on how we can take it back?

  2. And don't forget the ABC will be there with their tax-payer funded recording equipment and will broadcast "the best of" this left-fest over taxpayer funded radio or TV. Anne Summers has probably got the deal all teed-up already.

    Pedro of Adelaide

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 2, 2013 at 9:32 PM

    Lefties, yes, Prof. I am actually horrified at how many of them I have met and/or known of in a general circle of people or at least passed as ships in the night with. They are not a young crowd either. Gosh. What have I done in my past life? If what people say when they write counts, Prof, then most of these people are comparatively low feeders making no lasting contribution to Australian letters - although living quite high on the hog in the name of things literary.

    Sackcloth and ashes for me now, Prof. I don't want to write anywhere near these people. Flirting around the edges of it at one time, but well over that. Prefer to just write on little blogs like this, if you don't mind donating the electrons.

  4. Professor Bunyip I feel your pain, it is so sad that so many have their snout in the trough, creating nothing but stupidity. The wind back to creative excellence may take more than you or I's life time. It will happen and the current artistic period will be termed a dark age in human development.

  5. Good grief. Fifty one moochers whose only qualification for that invite is who they vote for (Labor or the communist left). And everything they do, every breath they take is dedicated to the re-election of debt-bingeing welfare statists who are so irresponsible with the public funds they are entrusted with whenever they're elected that have to be thrown out again while sanity is restored. For the government of the day to continue to fund these enemy political rallies without demanding a measurable community dividend is not only institutional masochism, but a symptom of the same childish delinquency of most of the left.

  6. We could bounce their cheques and make them sue Heidi and Dennis,using their own money to employ burnside and slugs and grubs,oh and finkelsteen and bromberg,jooLIAR might re register for the job

  7. It looks as though Bandana Boy has missed out on the MWF Wankfest. BooHoo!

  8. I thought a few people on that list had already died.

  9. New Napthine constituentOctober 7, 2013 at 3:04 AM

    Pathetic politics, if nothing else. Smart politics would be to point out that our community's cultural standards can hardly be advanced by a rabble wallowing in incompetence, corruption, cronyism and group-think. Napthine needs to grow a set.

  10. So that list is all 350 guests, is it Professor? Looks a bit short to me.

  11. why stop at the MWF, even better is the Melb Fringe Festival...have a look at these gems...

  12. Strange not to see Boris Johnson's name in that list, given he was one of the high-profile keynotes. Guess that doesn't fit the story as neatly.