Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Fish

A BIG ugly bugger met a sudden end yesterday. Stalked to his lair he was captured after a brief struggle and dispatched without delay. He tasted lovely, too.

Apparently he wasn’t the only predator to come unstuck. According to the papers available here in Jamieson, in whose local streams the fishing has been terrific, Osama Bin Laden also was sent to meet his Maker, the corpse getting a quick heave-ho over the side of a US Navy warship.

What a pity terrorists are not subject to the same handling conventions as trout. Nicely dressed, delicately seasoned and served with mashed potatoes and sauted spinach, Osama would have made a fine meal for the remaining Gitmo inmates.

Anyway, the important thing is that the bastard is dead. One down, many millions to go.

NOTE: If posts are few and irregular over the next few days there is a reason. Even with the fresh load of ice just now stowed in the Esky there is plenty of room for more trout, so it is back into the bush for at least another day.


  1. Hence, the fine old mother-in-law descriptor: I've seen better heads at the end of a line.

  2. Bin Laden would be a bit tough and stringy I imagine, unlike a tasty rainbow trout, roasted with thyme and bay leaves.

    Anyway don't they have rules about not eating cloven hoofed animals?

  3. A gentleman fly-fisher never asks.But the temptation to run a few guesses is a good excuse to revisit the fly-box, and summon memories of a languid summer's day. Greenwell's Glory? Tup's Indispensable? Cul de Canard? Twilight Beauty? Wickham's Fancy? Coch-y-Bonddhu? A few feathers and a twist of silk and what personalities can be conjured!
    But, it is possibly just a garden variety Dun, which hardly ennobles the fragile beauty of the Mayfly. Bunyip's Beatitude sounds better.