Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quality Journalism

PRODIGIOUS TWEETER Ben Cubby, who moonlights as the Silly’s environment editor, alerted his followers on May 9 to this story, which identifies ExxonMobil as the leading patron of the most prominent deniers.
Nine of the top 10 climate skeptic scientists work with organisations that receive money from ExxonMobil
9 May via web Retweeted by MsAlegna and 18 others
What’s that old saw about a lie getting halfway around the world before truth gets its pants on?  Well, as Cubby's item was retweeted, the folks at.the populartechnology blog pulled up their strides and sent a questionnaire to the 10 boffins identified as beneficiaries of Big Carbon’s dirty dollars.

Cubby shouldn't believe everything written in green ink, it turns out.

Expect him to tweet a correction. Any. Day. Now.


  1. It's sure to happen, because Cubby has integrity and isn't a cheap, lying hack.

  2. I'm surprised none of them have sued Cubby. Obviously the claim was meant to cause professional harm to the nine scientists. Their next application for funding that gets knocked back would certainly complete the circle for damages.