Tuesday, May 10, 2011

iPrimus? Maybe You Shouldn't Primus

A GAGGLE of ABC and Fairfax future recruits is organising a boycott of Andrew Bolt's new show. They are mostly kids (even the adults), and at the campaign's Facebook page you will find this comment:

I am the Marketing Manager at iPrimus. The advertising in question was a bonus spot provided by the network and usually advertisers are only notified of bonus spots after they air. It was in no way a targeted move by iPrimus to advertise during the show or to sponsor the show. After receiving feedback from our customers, we have instructed the TV network to cease allocating bonus spots to iPrimus for this particular TV show. At the end of the day it is our customers that are most important to us and we listen to them.

Now it is true that, as a private enterprise, iPrimus can decide where, and where not, to place its advertising. That said, the company apparently responds to pressure, so why not get in touch and tell them you will be switching to, say, TPG.

And because Young Andy apparently believes in supporting those who would silence free speech, why not follow his example and endorse the notion that Andy should be fired, which is what Channel 10 is being asked to do to Bolt?

NOTE: Typed and posted from the side of a country road, this item went up with several typos, which readers kindly noted needed correcting. They have been.


  1. No doubt Marrickville council will get in on the boycott.

  2. I find it difficult to believe that any significant number of people were sitting there on Sunday, becoming so offended by this man expressing an opinion, that they immediately contacted their telco carrier, and complained about the fact that an ad appeared in the show.
    I find it easy to believe that a small number of sheep on social media sites made a fuss that only leftist views are allowed on Oz TV, so what can we do to maintain the bias?
    Do the owners of iPrimus REALLY want Andy deciding their position in regards to what is allowed on television.
    Do the owners of iPrimus REALLY want ads pulled because Andy's facebook friends prefer Tony Jones's style of interviews?

  3. Done and done. I have also contacted the other companies who have reportedly pulled their advertising. Two can play at the "blacklist" game!

  4. A gagle? You mean like finagle the bagel?

  5. Apparently TeleChoice has bravely decided that Conservative cash is not worth having too. Happy to comply!

  6. I do not, nor shall I ever, Primus!

    And I just told them so.

    You would think that before the iPrimus management decided to support those folks who hate, and seek to silence, any opinons but their own, they would research the demographics. Andrew Bolt's blog gets more hits than the combined totals of the top dozen "progressive" Oz-pol blogs. His first TV show on Channel 10 was expected to get 40,000 viewers, but got 168,000.

    Wrong horse, iPrimus!

  7. Initially the blurb by Christian Price on the facebook page said something along the lines of "the point is not to watch the program...Bolt is a bigot etc" or something to that effect. I hope someone got a screen shot as the blurb has now been amended. And yet iPrimus and TeleChoice apparently responded while that nonsense was still there (and I note whatever comment I put up challenging the participants is promptly removed)


  8. iPrimus is @iPrimusAU on Twitter, should anyone want to send a message via that medium.

  9. I'll be writing to them to say that I hope they don't miss my business going elsewhere. What a pity all those advertising dollars that Andy is in charge of will be so effective. /sarc.

  10. How pathetic, I posted this comment:
    I know little about iPrimus so I state upfront that I wasn't consideing moving my account to you. However after noting the efforts of your purported marketing manager Andy Lee promising to withdraw your company's advertising from the Ten program the Bolt Report, I have nothing but contempt for the way your company apparently does business. The program actually doubled Ten ratings for the spot - a result I would have thought would have thrilled a genuine marketing manager. Instead he cravenly kowtows to a pressure group of less than 1,000. How pathetic. What kind of company are you to employ such a person?

    Fred C Dobbs

  11. Something is plainly absent from all the thousands of criticisms of Bolt in the lefty blogs and comment columns. Sure, they're full of infantile abuse - "Hitler", "fashist" (and other post-modern spellings)pop up regularly. And he's accused of being a handpuppet for big buck meanies ranging from Murdoch to Big Oil. Even his ethnic background gets an irrelevant airing occasionally. But I have yet to see one of these comments take a statement by Bolt and attempt to debate it. This is peculiar because these criticisms are always levelled from what the writer perceives is an intellectually superior standpoint. Time for the Bolt shooters to put up or shut up.