Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carp-ing About Climate Change

GOLDFISH die when forced to swim in 7-Up. Therefore, climate change is real.

Update: Several commenters believe the clip below is a spoof. Perhaps it is, but the university that sponsored  the production evidently thinks otherwise. Check out the other entries in its climate catastrophism colection on Youtube.


  1. So that kid goes to the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. That's about 30 miles from Boston. And you know, upon graduation, he'd take a job in Boston in a heartbeat. Boston, you know, that coastal city, soon to be flooded if we don't change our ways.


  2. From this, I'm guessing he doesn't believe in Global Warming.

  3. Hey Prof, O/T but you may be interested. The poison drawf Jaspan's tedious conversation website is going to set all the climate scpetics right! Divent ya know.


    One of their giant minds is lovely Allie, the Balinese coral/Murray Darling researcher.

  4. All you haters keep hating. Mr Climate Change Man is real. goldfish and lettuce are at risk of extinction if we don't act now. Please join mr climate change man and buy lots of soft drink and water pistols, together, and then give generously of your urination. this could save the world for our children and help us to the washing without Omo. Peace.

  5. Somebody wake up the Bunyip. We want more stories, pleeeeeease.


  6. It's ridiculous, but I don't think it's a spoof.

  7. Hey Professor, where are you???

  8. Director of "Mystery Man"June 23, 2011 at 8:14 AM

    The video uses humor to draw much needed attention to a real crisis. As a Umass Lowell student and a Boston resident, I will be directly impacted by coastal flooding unless something is done. Unfortunately, it may be too late. There is already massive flooding in places that were not predicted in climate change papers (States along Mississippi River as well as North Dakota).

    Obviously this video cannot and does not attempt to explain all the ins and outs of climate change. It was limited to 1 minute in order to garner attention from people who do not have a science background. Most people would not understand a video filled with scientific terminology and complicated graphs and data. My hope for this video is that people who watch it would be urged to find out more about climate change even if it is just reading a Wikipedia page about it.