Friday, June 10, 2011

Wedge Issues

THE RAIN has stopped in Melbourne and, no doubt thanks to climate change, the weather is tolerably warm for once.So what to do? Share some thoughts about Clive Hamilton's latest foolishness, report on another passion of one of Al Gore's most ardent Australian disciples? Commend our very own Six Million Dollar man or his latest, publicly funded achievement?

Nah, not this arvo. Save those for later. Doctor Yowie is keen to mount the first tee and the Professor, for want of anything else to mount, is happy to give him grasp why big hitters seldom beat consistent chippers.. So off to the golf course it is and, after that, to the 'Gee, where the Western Bulldogs will doubtless help St Kilda regain its confidence by taking the field and allowing themselves, as usual, to be thrashed and humiliated..

More posting later tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, do make a point to check out Gerard Henderson's weekly Media Watch Dog, which should be going up very shortly and is always worth reading..


  1. You can go to the G to watch the game, but you may be a trifle lonely. Everyone else will be in Docklands. On the other hand, you'll be first in the queue for the much better game on Saturday evening.

    The much better option would be to see the Collingwood game on Monday. The Pies supporters will be in the libraries all weekend studying for their nuclear physics finals, so they will be ready for some free-spirited, wholesome fun on Monday afternoon.

  2. Enough of the ball games. Back to work. Chop chop.