Monday, June 20, 2011

Gone Bush

THE road leads back to an ailing friend's milking shed, so there will be few posts -- and, quite possibly, none whatsoever -- over the next week or so. All going well, the posting pipeline will be uncrimped by Sunday.


  1. Good on you professor. Please give your friend our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    My advice is to put on the Parliamentary News Network loudly for a few hours. A few hours of listening to Julia and Wayne kvetching about Tony will soon have your friend begging to get up and about. A couple of speeches from The One may also help to purge his innards.

  2. A speedy recovery is a wish already made.

    Remember Professor, squeeze the teat. Don't pull. (For any progressives reading this, the tip is for getting more from a cow, not more government handouts).


  3. Ah, milking. Those were the days. Not sorry they're gone. Hope you have a kinder climate to operate in. The dawn milking in mid winter is not a pleasant memory. Good luck with that, and best wishes to your friend. You are a friend indeed.

  4. If Keith Olbermann ever finds out about your bushyness, you'll be "Worst Person in the World" for a week.