Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Give Him Another £10 To Go Home

GENERALLY speaking, there is a lot to be said for multi-ethnic societies – not multicultural, mind you, but people of different backgrounds being left alone to get along, which in Australia they mostly have and do. Sometimes, though, exceptions need to be made, because no matter how large our welcome mat, it will never be sufficient for a certain sub-species of ethnic malcontent to wipe off the crap the rest of us fondly imagine they came here to escape.

Now just hold on a tick, don’t be getting excited. Before anyone runs out to fetch a vilification commissioner, the above thought is not directed at what you might call our cotton wool communities, the ones whose precious sensitivities and eagerness to take offence require infinite cossetting and many federal, state and local grants. Longer-term residents might look askance at the escalating incidence of drive-by shootings in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, but those attempts to re-enact a bad night in Beiruit can only seem examples of good citizenship in comparison with the activities of the most pernicious arrivals to land here since the cane toad: Scottish union officials.

If you saw Doug Cameron tonight on Q&A, no further explanation or example is needed. Arthur Calwell should never have invited them and Robert Menzies was derelict in not deporting those already here. They are such a toxic breed, it is a wonder their organs are still acceptable for transplant.

And they are not cheap to run, or at least Cameron isn’t. Fancy invoicing the taxpayer for a subscription to Crikey! 

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