Thursday, January 12, 2012

Global Warming, Bring It On!

A POOR Bunyip takes off for the bush and what happens? Summer not only vanishes, temperatures drop to the sort of levels that carried off poor Captain Scott and his companions. The other day, after a few fleeting bouts of wamth and feeble sunshine, the thermometer registered a dawn temperature in the negatives. Oh,and  there was snow! Yes, lashings of sleet that scummed up everything, turned the campsite into a bog, made firewood hard to find and, worst of all,  eroded the good-natured stoicism essential to happy camping. A day or two of bad weather, that can be coped with. But endless grey days of soaked misery and blue fingers? Bugger that for a joke.

Yesterday it all got too much to bear. The tent came down, the gear was stowed and the bonnet was turned toward Melbourne, where it is only a little warmer but the sheets are clean and the roof doesn't leak.

Until things warm up, which is supposed to happen over the weekend, expect a few more posts. After that, things will go quiet once again at the Billabong when an interrupted vacation is resumed.


  1. I've been thinking about this and believe alarmist climate scientists should be forced into addressing the issue of a putative ice age.

    My logic is this. All scientists, be they so-called skeptics or alarmists, agree an Ice Age will occur at some unknown future time. Further, this will occur regardless of human contribution to climate change. As I understand it all scientists agree on this.

    Thus, alarmist scientists should be forced to publicly account for the apparently trivial role human contribution to green house gases have in preventing an Ice Age.

    In other words, given the development of future Ice Ages is scientifically undisputed, the impact of humans on global temperature cycles is unambiguously trivial; that is, it is only be a small effect in a more profound cause of the global temperature cycle.

    If a scientist argues that the human effect on temperature is profound, then they must logically agree that the human contribution to green house gas emissions can prevent a future Ice Age. They should be prepared or forced into defending this view publicly, which is clearly a minority view among scientists.

  2. The Communist,Bourgoise Sociaist,Groin ," Independent Air Tax has worked really well,even before it is implemented! God only knows what will happen when it comes in? Perhaps that would be a good time to go fishing?

  3. Scott, eh? Too bad it wasn't Shackleton, you might have ended up with a fine century-old scotch...

  4. Sensible thinking MB, but optimistic. James Hansen from NASA GISS has already claimed that the recent small increase in a minor trace gas (CO2) has deferred the next ice age. This meme is gaining some momentum among the clique of so-called scientists who support 'the cause'.

    You are talking about people who have already had the chutzpah to try to 'get rid of' the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age using a hockey stick. Why stop there?

    1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.January 13, 2012 at 3:03 PM

      Lazlo, the only answer to the hockey stick is the electoral baseball bat. A very effective weapon against the warmies and their graphic and other follies, as the Canadians are now showing.

      Professor, reply functions have arrived! Will they stay? And will every Bunyip day now be a red letter day?

  5. Professor, I am oozing empathy for the distress of the semi-frozen Bunyip with respect to the complete absence of anything resembling heat during the annual foray into the holiday wilderness.

    There is no doubt about it - a soggy bunyip is never a happy camper.

    May I suggest a letter to Messrs Flannery and Garnaut, pointing out the impossibility of said conditions given their thunderous (and very well paid) assurances as to climatic outcomes for the next 1,000 years and requesting their immediate correction of this unacceptable anomaly.

    Perhaps you could end your appeal along the lines of the timid-but-brave request that Oliver Twist made to Mr Bumble: "Please, sir - some lovely hot summer weather - I want some more!"