Thursday, July 7, 2011

Karolus Interrupt Us

YOU knew Adam Morton, one of the Phage’s many warmists, would not let slip an opportunity to breathe further CO2 into the over-inflated flap about Viscount Monckton’s comparison of green jackbooters with Nazis. And he doesn’t:
The attack on Professor Garnaut was not the first time Lord Monckton accused those he disagrees with of being Nazis.
In December 2009 he accused students who stormed the stage as he delivered a speech in Copenhagen of being ''Hitler Youth''.
Andrew Bolt has the video of the Copenhagen blitzkreig, which speaks for itself.

Because Morton is such a fair, even-handed, non-partisan chronicler of the climate debate, perhaps we can next expect a reference to another invasion of another stage by an another representative of arrogant, wild-eyed fanatics. That would be Morto’s mate and head of Earth Sciences at the Parkville Asylum, David Karoly.

When Karoly needs a Dorothy Dix questioner, it is to Morton he turns. Indeed, a viewing of the two videos he shot with Karoly supports the belief that Morton is one of the most dependable dix in the country. Global warming will both drown and incinerate us, Karoly explains, asserting a threat so dire it will oblige the transition to a zero-carbon economy within just 40 years. None of this strikes Morton as insane, un-doable or economically disastrous, let alone unnecessary. Nor does he raise an eyebrow when Karoly asserts that higher temperatures cause droughts, rather than vice versa (as hydrologist Stewart Franks has tried to make him understand).

But surely Morton could take a little break from playing Boswell to his favourite johnson and pen just a word or two about an academic who believes himself entitled to invade and disrupt a colleague’s lecture. Listen to the audio below, recorded by a student as Karoly transformed a law lecture into Bad Manners 101.

Did you catch an unknown student describing Karoly is an “arsehole”? It’s a good thing the kid is studying law. With such a talent for concision and accuracy he would never make it as a journalist – not at the Phage, anyway. 


  1. That's pure gold. What a tool! Call security lol. A perfect example of a stereotypical leftist academic.

  2. Actually, its really annoying when the previous lecture goes overtime because the lecturer is bad at time management, and you have an entire class standing outside waiting to start their scheduled class. As if the lecture went to 1.05pm. Lectures typically do finish at 5 or 10 before the hour, and start on the hour. The only egocentric/rude one here was the law lecturer for showing off in front of his class and setting a bad example in time management, lying about when his lecture is supposed to finish, while also refusing to politely finish up his class once it became clear he was over time.

  3. It wasn't at all clear when the class was supposed to finish. The Law lecturer said he had it booked to 1:05. Karoly claimed he had it booked from 1.00.

    The revealing part was Karoly's spoiled brat behaviour and his threat to call security over such a trivial issue. Presumably the point of Karoly's threat was that Security are armed or at least carry cuffs in order to remove the annoying law lecturer.

    That is why the students didn't like or respect Karoly. Kids, even law students, are great at spotting a wanker.