Thursday, November 1, 2012


HERE'S A first for the Billabong: commenter Billy Nudgel is banned. The reason has nothing to do with his faith in tariffs, and everything to do with an inability to express a simple thought without recourse to profanity and ejaculatory similes.

Clean up the language, Billy, re-register under a new name and you will be allowed back, silly opinions and all.


  1. In dawn's light, I can see that my closing term for you was harsh. Too harsh, though?

    As I go off to work, after my Cooper's induced reset, in all honesty it does piss me off the way you so easily reduce my nation to false opposition to the other cunts, on the left.

    I don't care for them, nor do I care for your free-trade mindlessness that can only result in an open borders race to national dissolution, and the lowest wage for all.

    It wasn't that silly mantra that made your Pierpont columns so good, it was your humanity. But, no one will be around to reminisce over them once the country has gone totally Chinese, Bunyip.

    You're a good bloke, a top bloke in fact.

    Still, like Bolt and Blair, you just don't get it. You spruik Israel, which is a nation, a race based nation, and simultaneously you preach open borders (free-trade) for me and my kids, which can only result in their future prosperity being destroyed, let alone safety.

    That's why I called you a cunt.

    So, all the best to you Trevor, no matter how much I like and admire you, you old Anglos really stuffed this place up. As you drift off into retirement, I still have a family and home to run, a nation in which I want my children to safely and prosperously live. Which is why I comment, here and elsewhere, and accept the abuse I get for pointing out the bleeding obvious.

    It's not you I wish to turn, like Thatcher, you aren't for turning, it's your readers I wish to impress with thoughts outside the false duopoly of national aspiration.

    Cheers Bunyip, all the best mate.

    1. PhillipGeorge(c)2012November 1, 2012 at 12:16 PM

      "Level playing field" and "freemarket" have been among the two harshest mythologies foisted on a sleeping public.
      Billy, the expletive can be used to good effect if kept to a barest minimum. The diggers, wharfies, and bogans who overuse it are foot faulting their own serves. Their best points are lost in 'noise'.
      In terms of sheer dollars and cents I suspect the Green Religion/ quasi pantheism-paganism - junk science alliance is costing you more money than any other single issue.
      A cursory look at paleoclimatology makes the whole thing among the biggest farces of "all" time. Australia has a minister for climate change which means we are every bit among the most stupid people on Earth.
      And cognitive dissonance has hardly had a bigger frontier than the Pasteur-Darwin dichotomy.
      Jesus is who he said he is. Every other religion is a cow dung platted in hair fashion statement.

      Suggest you keep to the upper torso for best percentages targeting. Genitals can be a useful target but the neutered are not so incapacitated as the thoroughly eviscerated. Heart and lungs slow someone down.

    2. A true wordsmith. Will we ever see his ilk again?

    3. Steady on old man!
      I am reliably informed that one can safely use the term "salty mussels" without resorting to the "C word".

      The Irish Lion

  2. Perfessor, I suspect we may have to wait a decade or more to find out who were the paid pimps for Gillard's crumbling rabble in the blogosphere -- and there are dozens to choose from among the government shills commenting at websites that reflect public opinion (that is, excluding Fairfax and the ABC). I'd suggest those who use bad language aren't among them. The professionals are much more careful.

    1. I disagree with your comment re bad language.

      I suspect that John McTernan covers all bases; with his staff acting the witty urbane to the foul mouthed lout or even foul mouthed intellectual.

      Is it possible on Blogger to get your commentators IP address? I always found it interesting.

      And recently I even found people visiting a site of mine using Macs! Who would have thought it!?

  3. On the subject of "profanity and ejaculatory similes", Flannery O'Connor says it best:

    “The novelist with Christian concerns will find in modern life distortions which are repugnant to him, and his problem will be to make these appear as distortions to an audience which is used to seeing them as natural; and he may well be forced to take ever more violent means to get his vision across to this hostile audience. When you can assume that your audience holds the same beliefs you do, you can relax a little and use more normal ways of talking to it; when you have to assume that it does not, then you have to make your vision apparent by shock -- to the hard of hearing you shout, and for the almost blind you draw large and startling figures.”
    ― Flannery O'Connor

  4. So Billy is doing "it" for his children. How about that.
    "And the language uninviting of the gutter children fighting".
    A role model indeed.

    And such insider pomposity.

  5. Bunyip, do you really want to ban him? I dearly love a laugh. His devoted attachment to jewish conspiracy theories is so unashamed as to be more laughable than repellent; and the idea that you are in fact my old mate Trevor Sykes is the maddest, nuttiest, most comical thing Billy has ever posted, in a crowded field.

    1. At least he doesn't think Bunyip is I.

    2. I have never seen the Prof, Trevor Sykes, Clark Kent or Kevin Sheedy in the same room ......... Hmmmmm

      The Irish Lion

  6. If anyone understands Billy's point I'd be grateful to have it explained please. As it is he seems too close to the experience I had years ago of a loquacious half drunk trying to lecture his wife about matters he couldn't quite make clear to a sober listener!
    Back to the pub Billy, maybe eh?

  7. A nation cannot survive as an economically viable nation if there is no manufacturing base. Our manufacturing today is but a small reflection of what it used to be. Where manufacturing once provided jobs for 25% of the workforce in 1966, what is left of our manufacturing base today employs just a small fraction of our workforce. And where manufacturing assisted in creating full employment for all, we now have families into their third generation who have never worked and receive the dole as their income.

    Does anyone realize that we no longer even make light bulbs?

    So called Free Trade is slowly destroying us and no nation should ever be reliant on other nations for what they consume. That is a path to eventual self destruction.

    No wonder Billy gets upset!

    1. Sorry love to produce something and employ more people. I am however, rather busy with compliance. Too many solicitors and bureaucrats to support.
      Free trade is a small part of the problem, that our entrepreneurs and innovators have been ground down by such a huge pile of bullshit is the real crime!

  8. If Billy Nudgel is banned,then how come he is still here?

  9. I comment on a number of Left blogs and I'm always amazed how much profanity pours forth from the Labor Luuvies if their beliefs are challenged. Four letter words fly free but little in the way of constructive arguments to refute my words. Why is that? Could Labor supporters be missing a few brain cells?

    1. You are quite right. When a person has to resort swearing or ad hominem attacks, it shows he has no real arguments or facts to back up his point of view.

      And that's usually the case with the Left.

  10. In Yes Minister it was a very helpful if you had a JB (Jailed by the British).

    In years to come will an OBE (Outed from Bunyips E.....) be a great honour.

    Could anyone help with the E.........

    1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.November 4, 2012 at 4:39 PM

      AD, don't you mean 'ousted' not 'outed'? For me, the acronym is clearly "Ousted from Bunyip's for Execrable Expression". Thus OBEE.

      A mode of expression that is clear yet allusive and delightfully- embellished is the Bunyip trademark. Anyone who has to resort to crude profanities to make themselves heard does not belong on this blog. There are other places for that. Here readers recognise and enjoy the sheer power of the English language, as used by the Good Professor, to deliver a sharp thrust to the leftist political guts, to puncture the politically pompous, petty and pedantic, and to amuse us all, as ever.

      The Prof sets his linguistic standards high, a rear-guard action perhaps, but so nice to see. Keep it up, Prof.

  11. I must be dumb - Prof. you post at 7.21am BN is banned and yet here he is posting at 8.12am & 9.05am?
    I suppose that little beauty labelled "Woe is me - shame & scandal in the ALP" must have put you in a good mood.Looks like it may go to No.1 in the charts.

  12. "I don't care for them, nor do I care for your free-trade mindlessness that can only result in an open borders race to national dissolution, and the lowest wage for all."

    Is this really the quality of your thinking? Free markets lead to national dissolution, and as a consequence, a race for the bottom of the remuneration scales. Stupidity, on an epic scale. Did the Prof's banning upset your sensibilities, so you felt compelled to throw shit into the ceiling fan on the way out?

    It's dickheads of your ilk contributing to the nation's decrepitude and character, much to my chagrin and disgust. If you can't throw in at least some humour, insight or genuine conversation, go back to barking at the moon. Thanks for nothing, Billy.

  13. It seems unlikely to me that the Great Professor is the alter ego of Pierpont, the alter ego of one Mr Trevor Sykes, a Woollahra based bon vivant who is unlikely to have seen a golf course in the last 30 years (excluding function rooms). He may be a regular reader and have fantasisies that extend to the Rufous Bird but adopting the persona of being a regular golfer and outdoorseman from the Melbourne hinterland is a stretch.

  14. Could I suggest that Billy keep taking the meds. Regular dosage is often essential, and it's important to know if they are working before upping the dosage.

  15. Hey, Billy;

    Why is it limited to a binary solution set? An either/or choice?

    Think continuum.

    Yeah, pure, raw market free-trade is probably a bit too . . . well . . . raw and Wild-West if we're to have any concern for the individuals who make up our society, and, thankfully, the market systems that have developed over the years in the western world have been tempered a bit with buffering mechanisms that protect the relatively powerless people from the excesses and swings that we'd otherwise see.

    We've always moved on that continuum a bit more towards the planned, controlled economy side of things, just so what you're hyped about doesn't become the norm, and with good argument, we could probably move even further over that way.

    But the choice offered by the folks in the Loyal Opposition - the place on that continuum which they'd like us to occupy - is so far over that we lose all of the strengths of the free market that have made free-market economies the best-performing economies in history.

    Looking to most of recorded history, the one type of system that has provided the best lives for the most people - yes, even the poor and downtrodden - has been the free-market system.

    Move to the opposite side of the continuum, and you'll see that systems that reside over there have consistently been responsible for the most harm, the most misery, the most unevenness, the most raw human pain of all of the possibilities.

    So, how about not arguing that Choice A gives no protection compared to Choice B, and start talking about what particular mixture of features would work best?

    1. The move to national regulation of industry has destroyed the ability of State legislatures to compete to provide effective protections at a reasonable price.
      Industry is preyed upon by what is effectively a one party state with a bureaucracy and judiciary protected by a compliant media and no longer answerable to the electors. The political parties have legislated access to the public purse and are no longer reliant on community support.
      The evidence of the one party state is there for all to see, the failing National Health system, the rusting industry and propaganda on state run media.
      The only competition in Australia is between rent-seeking parasites for the bones of the productive classes.

  16. PhillipGeorge(c)2012November 3, 2012 at 10:00 AM

    [I]Looking to most of [B]recorded[/B] history, the one type of system that has provided the best lives for the most people - yes, even the poor and downtrodden - has been the free-market system.[/i]

    its all fairly recent history you're talking over. Going into "most" of the last two thousand years and all the more agrarian societies the best fed, best educated, best cared for in old age were probably living a monastic lifestyle.