Sunday, May 26, 2013

Poo-bahs for the arts: Part II

FURTHER to the post below, guess how much public money has been poured (flushed?) into Balletlab, the dance company whose work in six movements is causing a big stink? Click on the image for a larger view, tot it all up and be amazed:

That amounts to $527,126 since 2008.

It seems the artistic director's name is Phillip Adams, which cannot be a good sign. Perhaps he should change it to something more appropriate -- Perry Stalsis, for instance.

UPDATE: Do vist the Ballethub site and see what else that half a million-plus buys by way of artistic endeavour. While the slide show on the home page is most instructive, it does raise a few questions -- like, for example, why did the company need to visit the Mojave Desert in order for a chubby-chops to put some sticks in the ground and go for a naked stroll?


  1. Prof, you're on fire, have you been drinking Red Bull and taking No Doz?

  2. does anyone know who the chubby chops is ? I rather think its a great image