Saturday, May 25, 2013

There used to be an England

These are the new rules, if we want to live by them:

Goat-bothering mullahs can fill acolytes' skulls with such poison that they go out and lop the heads of strangers and nothing happens to them.

A couple of kids write on the Facebook pages that they're not too keen on all this mayhem and the Muslims behind it and they spend the night in jail.


  1. In terms of England and its destruction by marxism, one can only hope that at some point the uprising of the natives finally occurs.

    The political leadership deserve some fine old seventeenth century interaction with the voters.

  2. The UKIP's showing in current polls suggests the uprising is already starting. I guess Australia will have to get to the UK's point, where whites are a minority in the capital cities and the police get involved when you're rude to an olympic diver on Twitter before we get our own version of the UKIP!

  3. And the political editor of the BBC published a boot-licking apology for having described the killers as being "of Muslim appearance". Listening to these killers ranting after the killing they sure appeared like Muslims to me. Truly, Britain is beyond restoring to sanity, let alone to "great" Britain. Even getting rid of the BBC is too late to help.

    Pedro of Adelaide

  4. Britain is stuffed if they keep voting either Labour or Conservative. Their only hope is the UKIP which has been making some gains recently.

    1. Where's the Aussie UKIP?

  5. I'm old now and I'm glad I lived in a civilised time when people were allowed to be outraged by the outrageous. They cut off someone' head!! Muslims!! In the name of Islam!! In their own words!! And you spend the night in the cells for being outraged and saying or typing the first thing that comes into your head. The decline of civilisation.
    And while I'm on a rant... Adam Goodes... you're rich, you're famous, you're idolised by thousands and admired by tens of thousands... she's 13!! Fool.

  6. Islam had nothing to do with it! (or did it?) [STRONG LANGUAGE]

  7. I can see the English people tolerating this act, in keeping with the instructions of their betters. However I do think eventually there will be limit willing to cop. What does history tell us? i don't know.
    No doubt a violent response by English people is a very long way off, yet clearly, blatantly, the English authorities are at pains to suppress any and all "free" discussion about the issue. Facebook for gawds sake.. childish stuff.

  8. Dhimmitude at work! Wherever they are, infidels are subject to Muslims and if they do no accept their "lot" their and stand in opposition, their life is forfeit. Contrary to the "brainwashing" that this is only a reflection held by some extremists it is an integral part of the World domination movement disguised as a religion called Islam. The Nazis had it in for the Jews, Islam has it in for all the infidels wherever they are. They are starting with the West because it is the most effete and has surrendered its principles already in the name of diversity. Islam "adores" weakness but it "respects" strength.

  9. The moslems responsible for the murder,and the iman who inspired them ,should be thrown into a room full ofSoldiers wearing steel cap boots,to be subjected to "rigorous interrogation"assisting between screams,then strung up on trees and left to rot.Deport 10,000moslems for every terroristor Fascist imanpreaching hate.