Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sea Kittens Tortured For Profit

HERE'S a story Monica Attard and the crew at Global Crab need to get onto straight away. It's a shocker! A tycoon who backs the Greens but promotes his business by torturing live animals, how could quality journalist Attard not be interested?

It isn't as if the torturer would be hard to reach for comment. In addition to seeing his signature on her weekly cheque, Attard probably has his number on her phone's speed-dial.


  1. Wotif octopii love having their heads bitten off?

  2. I'm concerned about one of those labels. Who has tasted Christine Milne to compare? I mean, seriously! That's just barfworthy.

  3. Squid don't count - they're not cute and fuzzy. Only cute and/or fuzzy critters deserve protection.