Monday, April 16, 2012

The Silence Of A Luvvie Lamb

THE internet must be broken. Last week, just as the Professor was about to share his sweaty bed with a wog, an email went out to Silly reporterette Saffron Howden, who had all but accused Andrew Bolt of racism for the crime of referring his readers to an Amazon thread dealing with Anita Heiss' $90,000 worth of taxpayer-funded triumphalism. Bolt did so, you will recall, because Heiss was being shielded by the ABC and her publisher from voices other than those she finds congenial, which is to say everyone outside the tight little circle of luvvies, grant snafflers, pigmental patronisers and other elders of the Mordy-Litijus tribe.

The question to Ms Howden was simplicity itself: Could she provide one example, just one, of racism on that thread?

So far, no response, which can only be because of technical problems. Surely a respectable broadsheet scribe would answer a fair question? Surely!

But so far it has not arrived. Readers less charitable than a resurgent Bunyip might care to put the question to her once again, but do hurry. With Fairfax stock dropping through the floor, it can only be a matter of time before the power company disconnects the entire company. Ms Howden can be reached at For readers who are down with the youth and all a'twitter, why not put the question to her here?

And if there is still nought but silence from the Silly, this link might elicit a response.

UPDATE: Their ABC will tonight give Ms Heiss yet another dollop of free publicity. There is a comments thread as well. How long will this one last, do you reckon?


  1. She must speak up. Provide one example. How hard is that?

    1. PhillipGeorge(c)2012April 16, 2012 at 2:12 PM

      she can't speak. Martin Amis called this
      "stupefied by relativism". Dealing with nothing but caricatures leaves one chasing two dimensional vapour trails, or shadow boxing into complete darkness. Moral relativists and black arm band revisionist drown in deep anything.

      How many articles have you read anywhere on Aboriginal monotheism; the "All Father"?
      If you've never heard the concept after all these identity articles you've read, why is that?

      men without chests

    2. Reminds me of the problem that alleged leading public intellectual had trying to provide Bolt with the names of ten Aboriginals who had actually been "stolen".

  2. Well, Christine there were a couple of comments in there that were aggressive. Unfortunately the Left see disagreeing with their position, especially strongly, not as ill-informed or incorrect but a character flaw, or perhaps the cause of a mental health problem ("racist", "denier" etc.).

    So, irrespective of content, they would never admit that there was in fact nothing racist there anyway, because in fact they see racism where it is not present.

  3. A tenth as hard as it is for Robert Manne to come up with some "stolen generation" members.


  4. Just left a comment.
    So, let's see if it gets up:
    " For her sake I hope there IS more to that person. She demeaned herself considerably in the eyes of numerous Australians when she took action against Andrew Bolt"

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.April 16, 2012 at 1:35 PM

    No reply, no comments. And who are they calling Mr. No? They really have no idea of how silly they look to the rest of Australia.

  6. I hope News Ltd buys Fairfax. And Abbot sells abc and sbs to Murdoch too. The put the Luvies on Work For The Dole. Australias biggest export will be "soshalist academics"and batchelors of arts.people overseas will HATE Australia for unloading these rubbish on them.

  7. I put the challenge out to many who retweeted Howden's article. The responses - where they came - were interesting, but not unsurprising. Ignorance, double standards, bigotry, reactions worthy of Pavlov's Dog...but not a single example provided.


  8. Professor, I noticed that there were no comments on the abc link you provided in your update.

    I commented below, which is awaiting moderation. Let's see if it sees the light of day.

    "No, if it is in the context of being eligible for government benefits.

    I don't care if it is in a personal context."

  9. "pigmental patronisers" - love it! I will purloin that for my own use if you don't mind, Prof, with all due royalties.
    I too posted a very short something which has yet to pass the flinty moderator. Something along the lines that her track record suggests there is only one answer to the question. Or else.

    1. I like it too but it needs a little more alliteration.

      Here's mine:

      "privileged pastel predatory pigmental patronisers"

  10. Who'd be stupid enough to comment after the way they did Bolta over?

    "Chilling effect?", well yeah. Ya think?

    1. They're still broadminded at, apparently.
      Customer reviews. I couldn't see all the reviews without signing in, but the bar chart tells the story.
      68 1 star reviews from a total of 95.