Sunday, June 24, 2012

For Those Who Like To Fish

MAN catches fish. Fish catches man. Dog lands man. Fish breaks scales.

The one that didn't get away.


  1. Clearly Global Warming(tm) and if Gina wasn't running jack boot over Fairfax then The Age would be all over this.

    Or something...

    I like the bit in the story where even after he had landed that bugger he still needed to phone a friend to come shoot it for him :)

  2. Professor in the Gippsland Lakes we use fishbthis size for bait ! Preferably live bait. The fish we keep are too big to fit in the out for the fishing Inspectors!

  3. Errr, ok.....shakes head, much better karma on a 14 weight with 20lb tippet after an impossible 6 hour miracle battle on a gnarly snag ridden river.
    Then we release the wee beastie, matey.

    The other side of that coin is : something that big is near the end of its life and has stopped spawning, it has reproduced many times.....let's hope Bubba spends the $5k to put it on his wall where he can see it in his old the fish can bring back this day in crystal clarity.........alternatively, let's hope he cherishes the meat.

    Geez, bowfishing?,'s just an another unethical technique for the unkeen, like spotlighting....., there, I said it.

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.June 24, 2012 at 10:18 PM

    Yep, good to see a bit of shootin' with the huntin' and fishin'. Lots of fish fingers in that little haul, Prof. Real hero is the dog though.

  5. My cousins had a blue Catahoula like Mr Crawford's "Bleux" when I was growing up - fine, fine hound.

    Hope he scored a sizable Gar fillet for his effort.

  6. "Geez, bowfishing?,'s just an another unethical technique for the unkeen"


    1.'s lots better than half sticks of gelly for the subsistent fisherman conservationist.

      But speaking mega-philosophically, it's better they all go away to the city and become drug dealers or become extinct so I can chase those fish on the fly.
      That's just the way it is.

  7. See, Lizzie is right - the real hero here is the dog.

    In Bleux's honor, the Bellamy Brothers with the best* country/western/cajun ode to a Catahoula dog, EVAH.

    *okay, possibly "only" as well