Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Editorial Excellence

MARIEKE HARDY, that little blossom in Mark Scott's lapel, has directed the scalpel of her humour at Mrs Rinehart, who we are told will soon be filling Fairfax newspapers with material like this:

But please, don't take your science from a woman whose name was in part inspired by an anguished mouse. Yes, it is BS, as even Media Watch was obliged to reveal. Mrs Rinehart has yet to take control of Fairfax, but it seems editorial standards are already lifting.


  1. I had a squizz at her blog, perhaps

    best demonstrates why ABC makes utterly vapid unwatchable local material.

    As to the polar bear thing it fits the "fake but accurate" version of truth that the Left seems to uphold. It might be pure BS but it is resonant and compelling.

    The first example of this that I saw tottaly skewered by the blogsphere was the "missile through the red cross ambulance hoax" back in 2006. I remember the horror of the promulgators of that piece of fiction when BS got called out loud. "But we have been doing this for years! What are we going to do to fill the inches if we are expected to tell the actual truth ? "

    1. the "missile through the red cross ambulance hoax"

      A hoax to which the Red Cross have still not admitted to, let alone apologise for.

      By taking sides in that conflict they have lost their claim to impartiality and with that, in a just world, any donations.


  2. Welcome back, perfessor! It looks like you haven't lost anything off your fastball...

  3. Good day again, my good man. Pity about the earthquake. Having thought every Hollywood disaster movie since 2000 was a documentary, the luvvie zombies were so disappointed it wasn't the apocalyse. Alas, it was just the size of a passing truck in Moe.
    But, it must be related to the climate emergency because the Age reassures us it was the biggest quake in more than a century.
    In the meantime, the Age's zombie journalists are asking their new biggest shareholder for immunity from the market. They insist that Gina sign the Fairfax "charter of editorial independence", which has enabled them to behave like the unsackable staff collective at the ABC and abandon professional standards, sending the readership scurrying for the exits. Eventually they'll get it: no-one is buying what they are selling, which is why they're in this mess.
    You see what happens when you decide to take holidays? Our interesting times are definitely Chinese in a Cuban sort of way.

  4. Ms Hardy does try hard to be witty and clever, but alas fails every time. What a disappointment she has turned out to be.

  5. There is nothing wrong with journalists reporting the truth. Readers are fully aware that they wont find political honesty in The Age under its present regime. That is why we stopped buying this newspaper quite some time ago.

    Whilst journalists with strong political views of their own got away with twisting and distorting facts in the past, that is no longer possible. Real Scientific data from Real Scientists is available on the Internet, and as for Julia, you cannot fool people all the time.

  6. Marieke is insulting Gina Rhinehart who knows how to make a bob or two with her wits, and without the public broadcaster..
    It is just a hoot how stupid the lefty lovvies are determined to be, as they all ignore the fact that the public has stopped buying Failfax papers with good reason,and just maybe it has more to do with the guff printed there than how big the pages are or how many work to print those papers!.

    PS Who gave MH the wrong impression that she was clever, witty or talented?
    She is a nasty self centred little boor in fact!

  7. Poor little Marieke, is she afraid she might have to comply with some sort of standard?

  8. I especially liked the one of Andrew Bolt "named sexiest man alive" Poor old Marieke must have secret desires!

  9. So this is going to affect Ben Cubby! Oh goody.

  10. Yes, yes, that is all well and good, but have you seen her breasts?! They're very impressive!

    1. PhillipGeorge(c)2012June 20, 2012 at 12:14 PM

      I certainly can't remember anything she's written or said. Of course with the attempt to be ironical (above photo) she's finally, albeit accidentally, hatched an egg. Another two and a half years and we might erroneously recall her as a prophetess in exposing the sham. Remembered for both tits and insight, she'd have finally landed on her feet. A posture in which few, I suspect, remember her now.

    2. PhillipGeorge(c)2012June 20, 2012 at 12:29 PM

      Returning to the golden age of research:-

      comes, and comes again, the sage advise:-


  11. The other thing you may have noticed on your return, perfessor, is that the zombies are now in a state of delirious excitement, and not in a benign or controllable way. This is the Death Rattle Dance, the last stand at the Alamo before the slaughter. There is no rational discussion (or even rationalised articulation of the irrational), just pure hate and fear in the knowledge that they're all about to be figuratively put down. I feel a mass GetUp rally coming on. For the adult population, I recommend quiet mocking laughter.

  12. PhillipGeorge(c)2012June 20, 2012 at 10:59 AM

    Marieke was on the verge of attention deficit disorder Prof.

    It is really good....

  13. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.June 20, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    Not those pesky poley bears playing King of the
    Castle again? Marieke really needs an update.

    Give 'em a hug, Marieke. They eat people like you before you can say 'how's the shandy?'. And they're doin' just fine.

  14. I am famous for three reasons everyone:-
    Firstly, my Grandpa rote a very long book which had sum facts in it about rich peeple;
    Thirdly, I rote the most expensive Twatter post in history. It was wurth Twenny Grand by the time the lowyers finished with it.

    Ma-Reeker of Southbank

  15. "So this is going to affect Ben Cubby! Oh goody."

    It is good that their will be less tree cut down to make the newspaper. I am very excite about this and happy for trees


  16. I suspect the most worried of all down at the Spencer St Socialist might been Jane Zadcow.
    Jane penned a particularly scathing (but remarkably fact-free) profile on Gina for the Good Weekend back in February.
    It was breathtaking in the licence she used to basically construct a character assassination.
    Jane's criticisms included:-
    (1) Assertion: Gina is secretive and is obviously hiding something.
    Evidence: Gina has high security at her home and office, including cameras, glass which is "rumoured to be bullet-proof" and electric fences.
    Reality: Ummm .... see if you can walk up Bill Gates driveway unannounced.

    (2) Assertion: Although she contributes considerable amounts to charities (cancer centres, hospitals, community grants) she simply doesn't give enough to charity.
    Evidence: "She's unknown in philanthropic circles," (fomer ALP State AG) McGinty says.
    Reality: She doesn't give to the RIGHT charities (Greenpeace, WWF) or sponsor free piss-ups for ageing ALP hacks under the guise of charity.

    (3) Assertion: She is a really hard boss.
    Evidence: Un-named source says he is just like Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada".
    Reality: She expects people to work for their money.

    Incidentally, there are lots of "un-named sources" in Zadcow's article. She justifies this by adding another layer of sinister intrigue ... that people are too scared to be quoted and "how nervous people get at the mention of her name."

    And cop this paragraph ....

    "Despite this, she has a reputation for penny-pinching. One former employee tells of being instructed to phone suppliers of office equipment to haggle over even the smallest bills. Another says he got the impression that Rinehart personally scrutinised staff expenses claims. "She had a thing in the back of her mind that everybody, and I mean everybody, was out to do her down, to take a dollar off her," he says. "She trusted nobody and assumed the worst of everybody."

    She wants to make sure her company money is spent wisely and she is not ripped off!!!
    Do you think a little bit of that attitude might help down at Fewfacts Meeja?
    (And note that the quoted employee isn't directly saying anything ... he just "got the impression")

    Well, I "got the impression" that Jane Zadcow is a lazy, prejudiced, opinionated hatchet-merchant.
    But hey, it's just an impression ... it might not be correct.

    The Irish Lion

  17. Ha ha. I am recalling with glee David Marr's excoriating words about Gina Rinehart on QandA two or three weeks ago. He must wish he could eat those words now. Is he looking for work, I wonder.

  18. Were Fairfax a restaurant, they would change the seating, change the lighting, the curtains, the opening hours . Everything but the food. For the Fairfax editorial staff are, in the restaurant analogy, the chef's. And to improve the fare , it would perhaps be vital to replace them too

  19. It's difficult to take the ABC's First Tuesday Book Show and various Arts shows seriously while they feature this creature. Jen Byrne must be more of an airhead than is obvious to consort in this way.