Thursday, March 28, 2013

Modern Parenting

Oh, for the days when psychological disorders were borne largely of the mundane -- "It all started when my father refused to take me to the circus" and so forth.

Well things have certainly changed. At Daily Life, authoress Kasey Edwards hints at the roots of her own unique condition: all my rational thoughts deserted me and my sexual anxieties rose to the surface, I understood why my mother never showed me her vagina.
Glass-top tables were widely available when Kasey was growing up, so there is no excuse. Is it too late for the authorities to charge Mater Edwards with neglect? Someone needs to be held accountable for the damage done.


  1. Mater Edwards may indeed have passed on wang shame to the littlie who now affects to be an authoress of mundanities for the FXJ Titanic’s new Ladyparts mummyblog, but her crime was to christen her with a boganised Christian name. Unless of course the littlie herself, not content with having been given a boy’s name, boganised it herself. How outer suburbs.

  2. PhillipGeorge(c)2013March 28, 2013 at 9:53 AM

    So much of what passes as edgy or risque reads like arrested intellectual and spiritual development; arrested adolescence.

    Didn't Sting prove Nirvana, Valhalla or Paradise aren't at the beginning, middle or end of a Tantric Festival?

    Sex is for enjoyment and babies. The stairway to heaven is elsewhere - both the song and reality the metaphor's pointy end directions to.

    Ps. Prof, you got me and maybe several others thinking about Julius Sumner Miller. For those who wouldn't otherwise have come across it...

    "We are approaching a darkness in the land. Boys and girls are emerging from every level of school with certificates and degrees, but they can't read, write or calculate. We don't have academic honesty or intellectual rigor. Schools have abandoned integrity and rigor."[2]

    per Wiki.
    Nothing quite works like that which works. {a blogosphere blipvert for pragmatic specificity}

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.March 28, 2013 at 5:25 PM

    Prof, such rubbish they speak, these trendy parents, do they not? All anxieties and confusions themselves and doing things bound to make the littlies equally as confused and anxious, or to turn them into perfect little horrors of know-it-all silliness in public. Possibly these parents will end up doing both.

    I do go on about her, but I think my own Sainted Mother, given all her capacities for inspirational lunacy of a genuinely psychiatric sort, didn't do such a bad job in the screwing-your-head-on-the-right-way stakes in the early years of her children's lives. No nonsense, and you can ask me anything, was her approach. Works for me with my own children so far too.

  4. The poor thing. My dad never showed me his sigmoid colon. Oh the issues!

  5. As a gynaecologist (really) I have been looking at vagina for 25 years. I have seen thousands. They are all pretty boring. You soon get over looking at 'em and dream of retirement. Hopefully when the imminent recession arrives people will start taking an interest in day to day survival and not have the time or funds to clog my waiting room with their deep seated angsts about what is in their underpants. So, if you think you had a bad job, pity me ( I know my friends the colorectal surgeons do).

  6. Last week, my daughter Violet rushed out of her bedroom and hollered in amazement, ‘Mummy, guess what I just found.’

    ‘What did you find?’ I asked.

    ‘This!’ she said dropping her underwear and pointing.

    ‘That’s your clitoris, darling’, I said as matter-of-factly as I could muster.

    - well at least she is doing better than most blokes will ever manage.

  7. And yet if her father had taken up the challenge in the absence if Mother's desire to flash she'd be all "where were the social workers in my hour of need?"

  8. Unless Kasey was born by C Section she is already much more acquainted with Mater's vagina than almost all others.

  9. Kasey Edwards' humourous anecdote has nothing to do with either the diagnosis, or presence of, a psychological disorder. Whenever Professor Bunuyip reads the word "vagina" he appears to lapse into some sort of psychological discourse. As for the comment about glass tables being widely available when Kasey Edwards was growing up - well that comment alone speaks volumes about Professor Bunyip's own psychological health.

    1. So, your mother never showed you her vagina either.

      Would you like some photos?

  10. Bunyip,

    you're certainly taking one for the team reading through all that Daily Life dross.

  11. I knew my deep seated sense of self loathing must have come from the fact that my father refused to show me his genitals.

    Now thanks to Kasey I know I was not alone.

    Who says that feminists are useless?

  12. Is she different to Casey Kasem, of olden days American Top 40 fame? I hope so, 'cos Casey was a bloke.


  13. "As a result, Violet knows that she has three holes..."

    Didn't run with the golf angle Professor?

  14. I read the story and found it quite charming and well-witten, even though the opening post of this blog had made it clear that Groupthink was to follow in the opposite direction. (As it did.)