Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why hasn't this man been charged?

IN THE Silly today, former student Gareth Hutchens presents a glowing profile of "pre-eminent Australian economist Frank Stilwell", whose shaping of young minds has done much to make Australia what it is today:

Many of his former students have held, or now hold, positions of power: Mark Latham, Albanese, Greg Combet, Carmel Tebbutt, Costa, Iemma, Peter Kell (ASIC), and professors Steve Keen and Clive Hamilton.

Other students of his ripple through the media: Stephen Long, Eleanor Hall, Jessica Irvine, Michael Janda. Most of his students would recall his pointing out the success of those who once sat in the chairs they now occupied.

Jessica Irvine and Clive Hamilton, too!

UPDATE: That list of luminaries, it jogged a memory or memories being jogged. The last paragraphs of Good-bye., Mr Chips:

And then the chorus sang in his ears in final harmony, more grandly and sweetly than he had ever heard it before, and more comfortingly too. . . . Pettifer, Pollett, Porson, Potts, Pullman, Purvis, Pym-Wilson, Radlett, Rapson, Reade, Reaper, Reddy Primus . . . come round me now, all of you, for a last word and a joke. . . . Harper, Haslett, Hatfield, Hatherley . . . my last joke . . . did you hear it? Did it make you laugh? . . . Bone, Boston, Bovey, Bradford, Bradley, Bramhall-Anderson . . . wherever you are, whatever has happened, give me this moment with you . . . this last moment . . . my boys . . .

And soon Chips was asleep.

He seemed so peaceful that they did not disturb him to say good-night; but in the morning, as the School bell sounded for breakfast, Brookfield had the news. "Brookfield will never forget his lovableness," said Cartwright, in a speech to the School. Which was absurd, because all things are forgotten in the end. But Linford, at any rate, will remember and tell the tale: "I said good-bye to Chips the night before he died. . . ."

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