Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another day at their ALPBC

On Radio National this morning, Canberra correspondent Alison Carabine briefed hostess Fran Kelly about the latest turns in the ongoing conspiracy to bring down Julia Gillard. The Abbott forces, she explained, yesterday put a question to the Prime Minister concerning her view of predecessor Kevin Rudd's decision to close Nauru and throw open the borders to an influx of future ALP voters:
"The Opposition, aided and abetted by some sections of the media this morning, [pointed] out how many boats have arrived since Kevin Rudd took that decision to dismantle John Howard's Pacific Solution."
Those rascally "some sections of the media" do not include the ABC, which these days seldom if ever reports the near-daily consignments of illegal aliens arriving on our shores.

When your favourite party is going down for the count like a boatload of Afghans, why give aid and comfort to the enemy?


  1. If only Julia Gillard could get some clean air. Keep trying Love Media. The clock is ticking ...

    1. And don't forget the 'traction' that a certain media has continually seen her getting.

  2. One of the huge problems with the ABC is the number of times it interviews its own staff (they would say journalists).

    This over the years must has helped preserve the groupthink by preventing any non-ABC ideas getting in to the taxpayer-funded domain.

    While that may suit those who enjoy this lefty playground, it's not news.

  3. In diplomatic circles what the ABC does used to be known as taking in the washing. That is, you heard some gossip, or supposed news, classified it as secret, then sent it back to Canberra as being terribly terribly important.

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.June 18, 2013 at 6:28 PM

    Indeed, Prof. What rascals they are, these media types who report things the ABC does not care to. These impure sections of the media are the rascaliest rascals evah. Let's really call them out: they are rogues, scoundrels, villains, scamps, knaves, blackguards, and mischievous miscreants.

    The ABC is not like them at all. Nevah evah. The ABC reports pure and unblemished Labor. Always. As every decent tax-eating medium should.


  5. Of all the sycophants in the Rudd Gillard cheer squad, radio national breakfast's latest expert, Paul "bucket bong for breakfast" Bongiorno takes the cake and has declared himself to be going down with the ship.

    I thought it would be hard to surpass the fawning adoration of the likes of tingle, taylor, grattan, maiden, middleton, kelly, oaks, hartcher, kenny, carlton, rimington et al, but "the bong" seems to be cheerfully oblivious to the failings of his lying slapper. Amazing. Where will they find employment after the 14th September?

  6. ABC news helpfully reminded us two nights ago that the global temperature is going to ratchet up 6 degrees within the next 87 years. In case you'd forgotten, or had stopped believing, or has simply stopped listening.
    Thankfully, they also rather helpfully provided us with the motivation for the report, which was to reinforce their position that we must dismantle our coal industry. Naturally they pretended that coal was the input and temperature the output, but we all know that for them it is the other way round.

  7. It would be funny if we weren't paying for the Frankfurt Schoolies endless summer.