Tuesday, June 18, 2013

She still beats Slipper, Thomson and a nasty rash

Q: WHY has Julia Gillard been hanging with Kyle Sandilands of late?

A: Because he is more trusted than she.

But not by much.

(H/T: Bruce at the cat)


  1. Notice where Sandilands gaze is directed...

  2. Julia is 95 out of 100. Kyle is 96.
    So Kyle is slightly ahead of the race to the bottom.

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.June 19, 2013 at 10:37 AM

    Well, trust is as trust does, Prof.

    I'd trust my own Hairy Irish Ape with my life, but I wouldn't trust him to come to bed at a decent hour, in spite of all his assurances, if a late footie game is going to be on.

    I wouldn't trust Julia Gillard with anything, anywhere. I guess that is the difference. Even more so because she holds a lot of political and economic power and can use it to damage us. That is the very real difference.

    I wouldn't trust Kyle Sandilands to read the weather report without mucking it up somehow. And I wouldn't trust Russell Crowe late night with a mobile phone grenade either. Julia should watch out, as he's just offered her his support.

    I'd trust Charlie Teo with my brain any day, even though some might say it is generally unpromising material to work on. And I'd trust a gorgeous fireman to throw me over his hefty shoulder and carry me swooning to safety.

    ps. I don't trust lady firemen all that much.

  4. I just realised why Kyle's bunny outfit was so disturbing, as it comprised the body section of a polar bear suit with cat whiskers and limp rabbit ears for some kind of bizzare Frankenstein imagining of an Easter Rabbit. The kids must still be recovering from the Easter Egg hunt with Aunty Julia and Crazy Kyle.

  5. Scary looking rabbit. Run kiddies, run..

  6. Something very disturbing about that pic, Prof. It's not the white rabbit turning on malice in blunder land, is it?

  7. Forced to choose, I'd opt for the rash. As least there's an ointment for that.

  8. "She still beats Slipper, Thomson and a nasty rash"

    hang on, hang on. not so fast. what sort of rash?