Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bolshie And Bitchy

THE warm and caring, non-sexist Left. And the young victim's eloquent reply.

... of course if you're a conservative woman who's attractive it just must mean you "don't have a brain cell" and that you're a "tart". This is how the left think. Nevermind that Natalie (the girl in question) got elected by her peers as the  Vice-President of the University of Queensland Student Union. That she got into law-psych, a very competative field. That she has a brilliant record of political organisation. She's a conservative woman so she's apparently fair game for attack as "dumb"...


  1. Another example of the infinite elasticity of the double standards of the left.

    David Letterman famously quipped that Sarah Palin "looked like a slutty flight attendant". If he had said it about Maureen Dowd it would have threatened, possibly ended, his career. Imagine the outrage. But he said it about Palin, and all he got from the left was appreciative chuckles.