Monday, June 13, 2011

Guy The Goose -- Part II

HOW easy is it to be Guy Rundle? Need an Orwell quote? Well, just make one up. Don’t like the way public opinion has turned against Prime Minister Brown’s tax on everything? Even less impressed that the catastropharian creed is losing adherents, despite the litany of lies that was supposed to have sealed the deal by now?

Well, if you live in Rundle World, no problem! Just deny reality and write about how your side is winning. After all, it’s only in the Fairfax press, where reality is similarly scorned for talk of “quality journalism” and a good smear must never go unpublished.

In Australia, where climate change scepticism - both honest and utterly corrupt - has flourished more than anywhere else outside the US, that is a tremendous achievement and a victory. In little more than a year or two, the Lord Moncktons, Barnaby Joyces and Ian Plimers have gone from being the official opposition in the debate to being a set of marginal eccentrics, part of the menagerie of irrationalism on the right, from creationism to anti-vaccination movements.

Funny that Rundle should tie opponents of vaccination to the climate deniers he despises, because the leading, most vocal and, to be frank, the nastiest and most irresponsible of those who take the side of measles, whooping cough and polio against Australia’s children also happens to be a foaming fan of Al Gore and a believer in the notion that the weather can be made to behave itself.

Her name is Meryl Dorey and she works her mischief out of Byron Bay, which just happens to be one of the two areas in the country where diseases all but wiped out just a decade ago are once again claiming the greatest numbers of young lives. Given her passion for scares, charlatans and bum science, is it any wonder that Meryl lives in fear that global warming will get us before she can be proven right about inoculations? As she puts it: 
How can we possibly have good health if we are living in a world that is slowly cooking itself? If we allow the world to continue on its current path, the drugs we take or the vaccines that are pushed on us become a bit of a moot point.

The full measure of Meryl’s reverence for Al Gore and his movie (which “changed my life”) is here. Just don’t read it on a full stomach

As for Rundle, no need for him to read anything at all, not when he has the Phage’s permission to smother skeptics with the whole cloth of libel and invention.

A NOTE:  The other area, apart from Northern Rivers, where infant deaths are re-gaining lost ground is Sydney’s well-heeled Eastern suburbs. Is it a coincidence that each is a warmist hotbed, and the latter also home to Malcolm Turnbull?


  1. Considering how brisk it is here in Byron at the moment, I wonder how Meryl Dorey stays warm? Perhaps the alarmist cult model themselves on Breatharianism.

  2. Coincidentally, I was reading immunisation statistics for my area today. I'm extremely pleased to report the Wollondilly Shire has a 100% immunisation rate.

    We grow them very healthy out here in the country!

    Very chuffed to see you back professor.

  3. PhillipGeorge(c)2011June 13, 2011 at 11:21 PM

    Prof, don't rush a question thru on infant mortality
    there's often more to it than one isolated identifiable causal factor,
    I've been told the Japanese immunize less before 2 years of age; and suffer less cot death and autism - is there a relationship?
    And Prof, between Bilderbergers, the war on terror and eugenics nostalgists there might be more in the 2 ml syringe than meets the eye.
    Maybe you have the time, talents and resource to confirm this 'leak' as genuine:
    I'm busy most days but will keep this in mind - perhaps its real?

  4. She has her own "doreywatch" satire site

  5. PhillipGeorge(c)2011June 14, 2011 at 10:55 PM

    Prof, as tragic as the death of Dana McCaffery is I'd really want forensic details before guessing.
    Was Dana immunized in the first few days of her life with something else - hepB for example?
    Most babies get a good and adequate deal of immunoglobulin from breast milk. IgA, IgD, IgE, IgM, IgG
    It's a multi billion dollar question.
    It's also a specific scientific one.

    Prof, I've seen babies go into apnoea attacks within 24 hours of infant immunization.

    Prof, unless a child is known to have drug using, needle sharing parents I don't believe HepB at birth makes sense?