Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Secret Code

THE Phage (of all publications!!!) has added to warmists' woes by publishing an article by noted sceptic Bob Carter -- an editorial decision that appears to have at least one in-house green seeing red.

Go to Carter's column and let your cursor linger over the little blue Tweet button in the top left corner of the page. Then have a squiz at the coding which appears in the navigation footer at the bottom of your browser, where you will find the author described as "climate change denialist Bob Carter".

An optimist might be tempted to see Carter's column an indication that someone at the Phage is attempting to mend the newspaper's ways. If so, that brave individual is in for a heck of a fight.


  1. The page header, as of a minute ago, Tuesday morning, still reads “Climate Change Denialist Bob Carter”.

  2. Yep, and after all that kerfuffle over Lord Monckton's comments as well. That it's missed the editors of the SMH is revealing. Really, the western leftist is becoming quite unattractive and growing more so by the day.

  3. Denying Climate Change is an -ism now. Cute.

  4. View the source code - line 72 is "Climate Change Denialist Bob Carter"

  5. A curious thing has happened to the poll at the end of the Age story.
    The question was "Do you think tackling climate change should be a priority for Australia?
    Last night there were 3526 votes cast of which the "noes" had 74%. The poll was to close in 15 hours.
    This morning the percentages were the same with 4264 votes cast and 5 hours still to vote.
    This afternoon there were 13032 votes cast and the "yes" vote was up to 47% and there were a further 18 hours left to vote.
    The disclaimer below the results warns that "these polls are not scientific..."
    I understand what they mean now.