Thursday, June 9, 2011

Put To Bed? Not Quite -- Part II

NO SOONER had the previous post gone up than the indefatigable Andrew Landeryou posted a Thomson email in which the Member for Dobell once again accuses Fairfax of spreading lies about him and, once again, enlists learned friends to restore his tarnished honour.

Fairfax says the defamation action was "withdrawn". Thomson says it was "settled" a month ago and he is "very happy" with the result.

Here is Thomson's letter as it appears at VexNews:

From: Thomson, Craig (MP)
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 12:39 PM
To: Thomson, Craig (MP)
Subject: Fairfax v Thomson 

Dear Colleagues
I am writing to you as you may have seen reports in the Fairfax press regarding my defamation action. The article was totally inaccurate and wrong. The facts are as follows:
1. I took defamation action against the Health Services Union and separate action against Fairfax;
2. The HSU settled on a confidential basis with me some six months ago. Whilst it was a confidential settlement it was one that I was very happy with and as a consequence withdrew my legal action;
3. Over a month ago I reached a confidential agreement with Fairfax. This was reported in the press and the agreement filed in court as a settlement of my matters and again the legal matters where withdrawn. As with the HSU settlement I was very happy with the outcome.
4. An AEC investigation cleared me of the allegations raised by Fairfax regarding electoral spending
5. I have always strenuously denied the allegations made against me and I continue to do so.
It is clear that Fairfax have both defamed me again and breached and misrepresented a confidential deed that settled the matter between me and Fairfax. I have now been referred this matter again to my lawyers.
I thank you for your continued support in this matter and hope this corrects the grossly inaccurate and misleading reporting in the Fairfax media.
Yours faithfully
Craig Thomson

Somewhere, either at Fairfax World Headquarters or in an electorate office on the Central Coast, someone is:

(a) lying
(b) a great disappointment to Mum
(c) drinking the bong water
(d) unfit to remain in current employment

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  1. There is no necessary inconsistency between the statements that the action was 'withdrawn' (or 'dropped') and that is was 'settled'. It may have been part of a settlement that the action was withdrawn. The Fairfax media response is however very tough, signalling that they stand by and repeat the allegations. The question now is whether in the face of Thompson's threat to sue again, Fairfax will publicly lay out the basis of its claim that the allegations are true. Of course, if Thompson does sue again, this may (given the law of contempt) dissuade Fairfax from this course. It certainly looks like a high-stakes game.