Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keeping The Faith

DEEP in the forest primeval radio reception is rotten, so there was little news of the outside world to distract from the trout slaughter of the past few days. It is a peculiar thing for a thoroughly modern fellow, living without a mobile phone and, apart from a few static-crackled moments of the Philcher on Radio National, not even a skerrick of news from beyond the campsite’s shielding mountains. Given that disconnection, it might almost seem arrogant to emerge from the woods and immediately hold forth about the issues of the day, in particular the peculiar blindness that affects modern news professionals whenever a follower of the Prophet lands in the headlines.

That would a piece of ambulatory filth called Ramazan Acar, who will soon be sentenced for murdering his toddler, Yazmina. What made the crime so much more shocking than garden variety infanticide was Acar’s delight in torturing his estranged wife, who was granted a few final words with the child before the execution took place. As Yazmina bled slowly and painfully to death, he posted news of his act on Facebook while also bombarding his ex with a series of tormenting texts.

Naturally, reporters being what they are, which is mostly young and tech-fixated and full of multi-culti tolerance and concern, it was the social media angle that garnered all the attention. The content of one of those texts is, however, worth mentioning, as it has received scant ink in the press.

"U wanted to convert ma kid do it u wanted to lock me up I did it u wanted 2 b indapendant do it u take full custdy do it u wana kill me il do it wat eva makes u happy nw tel me"

“U wanted to convert ma kid,” it says. But to what?

Well this picture in the Herald Sun pretty much answers that question. Note the crucifix about the mother’s neck?

What we have here is a wicked man who killed a child, in part to honour what he, and many others, believe to be the tenets of his creed. What we also have is a misogynist who thought his ex needed to be taught a lesson for acting “indapendant”.

What we also have here is a craven, cowardly media that insists on filtering the news rather than reporting it fairly, honestly and fully. Your opinionisers will go on at great length about Tony Abbott being a Catholic and how dangerous that makes him. But a Muslim butchers a baby and abuses his former partner for making her own way in the world and the silence is near-total. Maybe all the feminists were washing their hair that day.

But not to worry. This incident was all about social media, not Islam – at least not that you will read about, anyway.


  1. I hadn't even heard about this crime until now. It's just as bad, probably worse, than the germ who threw his child off the West Gate Bridge. Best not to report too hard on it as we don't want to give the pesants any anti-multi-culti ammunition.
    I can tell that you're angry about this. I'm glad that someone is.

  2. His first question to police was "how long do you think I will get?"

    It's a pity the standard police response isn't "dangling from the end of rope".

  3. Alternative answer : " A Five foot drop then the rope goes taut."

  4. ""You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; [then] beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours."

  5. The lamestream media are only interested in the novelty of the facebook stuff, not the truly evil aspect of a man butchering his child like that.

  6. The complicity of the meeja in not reporting all the facts around the case is what damns them.

    People are now savvy enough to read a brief paragraph and they can pretty much guess the rest. The minute I heard of a man stabbing his toddler, I thought of cultural enrichment.

    I know plenty of others who think the same way, and the number is growing.

    The death of this child was senseless and needless, unless you consider the angle of a group who believe in honour for the next life rather than love and joy in this one.

    Then it does make an appalling sort of sense.

    For those who would like to accuse me of racism,[sic] I suggest you pick up your handy dandy copy of the Reliance of the Traveller and check out the rulings on women, on infidels, and on punishment for killing women and/or infidels.

    God be with the young mother, as He must surely be with her child.

  7. Thank you Prof Bunyip for telling it like it is. I am horrified that this fascist organisation is being honoured as a religion (not that I am that keen on religion). When you read the actual holy books, you find it is a war manifesto from the 7th century against everyone else. Literally millions have been killed and the killing keeps happening. A good site to look at is thereligion of peace dot com which has listed the number of terrorist acts since 9/11 (over 17,000) all over the world. Now I am looking in to the matter, I find that all those wars and atrocities the press refers to as ethnic conflict, are actually Muslims slaughtering and taking over countries as the Koran directs them to. Oh and look into slavery in the Sudan as well, also encouraged. CM

  8. This is heart wrenching. No woman should ever voluntarily have anything to do with Muslim barrows or Islam!

    Get out of relationships with Muslim barrows! Now!

  9. Pity he won't be received at HM Prison Pentridge. After he learned to crawl again after a couple of days, he could see how long it took to be trained to eat his segro rations from the toilet bowl. Now he'll be waited upon like a princess by a culturally diverse collection of privatised fairies in baseball caps.

  10. Can you verify the full quote of the text including the phrase about 'convert', I have searched the media and cant find that piece?

  11. Anonymous @ 07:45pm May 5

    I presume you're familiar with a hyperlink?

    Well if you click on the link above the extract of the text message it will take you to the report in the Cessnock Advertiser - which refers to the 'convert' text. Later in the same piece it links to an article in the Age which, conveniently, doesn't. Get it?

  12. Where is the evidence of him being a Muslim? Not that i think it is relevant.

  13. Anon

    "Can you verify... searched the media and cant find that piece?"

    I think that's the Prof's point.

  14. "...But a Muslim butchers a baby and abuses his former partner for making her own way in the world and the silence is near-total. Maybe all the feminists were washing their hair that day..."

    All the feminists have joined "The Green Party" and Sheik Hilali-Fan, the pro-Islamist and anti-semitic Lee Rhiannon.

  15. That's a blatant falsehood, and you know it: feminists don't wash their hair.

  16. This type of horror happens on a daily basis in the Islamic world and is frequently perpetrated by Muslims in the west. Terror and oppression is how Islam maintains control over the "faithful" and has been the main means of spreading Islam. If people were free to leave the evil of Islam without fear that repugnant ideology would die a realatively quick death.

    The news media refuses to report on honor killings and other Islamic attrocities because if they did they would have to admit that evil exists. And if they did that they would then have to admit that traditional western values are good and worth defending. That would require them to reevaluate their own belief system.

  17. I'm a Brit, and this is the first, unsurprisingly, that I've even heard about this case.

    I'm appalled, of course, but, at the same time, not at all surprised by the press response.

    This, apparently is now the norm, not only in Australia, but in Europe.

    We wouldn't want to expose Islam for what it really is, for fear of 'offending' those who follow it. So, instead we will water-down all reports which may even remotely deal with Islamic 'racism' so that the masses may continue to enjoy all that multiculturalism brings.

    God bless this little angel, Australia, and Europe.

    I hope that at least one of you reading this 'wakes up' and realises that, like oil and water, some cultures were never designed to mix.

  18. totally correct. i thought it was just a random facebook related thing.

    first i heard about converting the baby

  19. If you have not done so, go to You Tube and a video of a Syrian woman named Wafa Sulton and see what this brave woman has to say on the subject Of Islam. Please do this..

  20. Oh gimme a break. Some psycho 24 year old kills his kid and you blame it on Islam and Muslims? What about Casey Anthony in the USA who killed her kid so she could party some more? What about Brian Jones who stabbed his wife after their divorce in the UK. Heck, what about Bloody Sunday? Killing and terrorism and rage and murder are not a function of Islam. They cross religions and borders and races and genders. None of us are immune and the sooner we all realize it the better off this world would be.