Monday, May 30, 2011

Lost Generation

WHAT’s the matter with young people today? What a feckless, lazy, lay a’bed lot they are. As for throwing a half-decent turn, even that is beyond them. Age forever damns youth, but seriously, can anyone who followed Dr Jim up Bourke Street refrain from laughing at today’s limp activists? The planet is staggering, Big Carbon is killing us and an Earth-saving tax simply has to be passed or we’ll all, like, you know, die, and what is the best turnout the Youth Climate Coalition can manage?

Fifty third-string understudies for any TV re-make of the Osmond Family, that’s what.

Look at this video and you pretty soon appreciate why normal, typical, surly adolescent snots want nothing to do with these warmist children. Apart from falling down en masse -- wait till the final scene for that one -- what is their idea of fun? Hunting cans in the wrong wheelie bin? A thrilling ride on public transport?  Sequestering methane by inhaling each other’s farts? At least, when hippy hair was in fashion and Malcolm Fraser was still a fascist, that earlier generation of placard-wavers could roll a decent joint. Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll? Sucks, dregs and f***in’ coal, that is what today’s pantywaist protesters are, and what they are all about. Anyway, watch the video and despair.

Don’t you just love that bit where the kiddies fling themselves to the floor, knees gone all wobbly at the thought of a candlelit future? And did you notice, too, how almost every talking head finds just about everything and anything “amazing”, right down to and including meeting Eustace Gladhand MP. These youngsters must spend their entire lives in a state of constant astonishment if a sandwich with Wayne Swan represents one of life’s most memorable moments.

What do you do with kids like this? What do you say them? Captain Mainwaring articulates the only possible response.

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  1. Dear Sir
    I will have you know that you are responsible for me just pissing my keks because of your recent comment on methane and the sequestration thereof.