Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blame It On The Trout

ONE of the great advantages to being unwanted is the absolute freedom to do as one pleases. Sun is up, sky blue, temperature balmy – well, why not spend the next couple days trying to break 90? Like those non-appearing posts of the past few days, it didn’t happen, but a best round of 94 was a valiant attempt and unlikely to be bettered today, given the gusting winds that are making the washing on the line dance all over the place (mostly into the mulberry tree). Still, it is worth a shot. There will not be much golf for the next few days (or posting), as an even more pleasurable pursuit has, as of midnight, once again become lawful.

And that is the other reason for this blog’s recent inactivity. Somehow, between Queen’s Birthday and now, unused fishing tackle, flies, and camping gear contrived to get themselves in an awful mess. How this happens is a mystery, but happen it does, and the only remedy is to restore and replenish the equipment. It took the best part of a day just to sort out camp ovens, billies and sleeping bags. A second day was spent fondling rods in Melbourne’s better angling-supply emporiums and, after much deliberation, selecting a flash new reel.

All this is by way of saying that while there may be a few posts over the remainder of the weekend, there will be none after that until Wednesday.

Apologies, but some dates are too sacred not to be celebrated, and the start of the trout season is one of them.


  1. Good luck …


  2. Lucky bastard.. Up here in Qld all we have is the roadtrip to Ebor. And that's still a month away.

  3. Come back sir! A lot of material to work with to be sure. Bit of Jimmy Hoffa, Nauru and crap opinion polls.

  4. Three score years has salmo wrought his spell. And still, that moment of 'the take' galvanises the sclerotic heart and burdens the crimped arteries with the surging pulse of lusty youth. And because, in the ebb and flow on the field of battle, settlement is forever unfulfilled; we return again and again seeking that denouement which will never come. It does not help, in consideration of our other duties, that trout choose to live in environments which are of the most beguiling and pristine complexion.
    Having presented all the excuses, it is still a liberty too far, for the Professor to be absent for over a week. A tenured wagger no less.
    Granted, in my experience, for exorcisms to kick in; it may sometimes take one week maybe three; which tragics dismiss anyway as but the rags of time. But then again, my calling is not to opine on matters for which deprived members of the Professor's august academy have such a yearning and voracious appetite.

  5. Don't know much about fishing but the video here reminds me of the last time I went clubbing.

  6. Bunyip please come home.