Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stenography Subsidy Needed

THE big question: Will Fairfax go belly-up before Bob Brown’s media inquiry can pump an infusion of public funds into a poorly run company’s depleted coffers?

With the stock now at 75 cents and falling, it is going to be touch and go.


  1. Of interest, if one clicks the long term option, is the suddenness of the decline from early 2008. This would seem to coincide with the point at which Kevin Rudd's stock of grand gestures ran out and the actual business of governing had to begin.

    Might one hypothesise that this is the point at which the Australian public's bullshit meters began to record ever INcreasing levels?

  2. When Fare-Facts gets to the price of Clean-Ex, I'll buy a million because then I'll be able to safely say I've covered my arse.

  3. Bunyip, you've been reading my mind!

    I've posted a similar comment at Bolt's this morning stating one inevitable outcome of this stupid inquiry will be a bailout of or subsidies for fairfax.

    You know it makes sense.

  4. Imagine this - The lost productivity resulting from the media inquiry tipped Fairfax over the edge and into receivership.

    The result being that News Ltd would move from 70% control of the print media to 100%... all thanks to Bob Brown, and right in the middle of his media inquiry.

  5. @ Chistery - this IS the Government of Unintended Consequences, so why not?