Friday, September 16, 2011

Darebin's Towering Intellect

DAREBIN's city fathers (and mothers) have authorised a sex-segregated party time for Muslim women, joining other councils in recognising that the presumption of gender equality applicable in all other arenas of modern human endeavour must needs be trumped by a robust and sensitive deference to cultural and religious factors. This view has now been endorsed by VCAT, still loaded with the former Labor governments's appointees (and likely to stay that way until Big Ted pulls out his finger and cleans house, as he also needs to do with the senior ranks of his state's public servants).

In any case, and in an effort to help readers understand just what sort of person believes segregation equals equality, here is Darebin Cr Gaetano Greco, just one of the councillors who set the stage for VCAT's ruling.

The need for a tax on cravats and berets has never been more pressing.

UPDATE: More than a power in Darebin's council chamber, Cr Greco stands out in any crowd. Here he is with fellow board members of the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria. Be warned: Do not question Greco's passion for multi-culturalism. He is apt to be very short with you.


  1. Put a beret and cravat on Homer Simpson...

  2. Tramples over Australian values to make way for Islam - Well, he does have that 'Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey' look about him.

  3. What can you say but, "Some mothers do 'Av 'Em".

  4. I've been looking at Greens councilors registers of interests. Some councils publish them online (See Amanda Findlay of Shaolhaven) but most do not. Some people put their property address in them, others just list a suburb. Then I google earthed the addresses - you would be surprised at the apparent contradiction between policy and living choices.

  5. Dress like Frank Spencer Day...

  6. Is this guy for real - or is he channelling the late Aileen and/or Derek Sapphire?

  7. Is this the same fanged and cravatted Greco who had an interesting take on opponents' campaign materials in 2008?

  8. That is the smile of a person that has trouble operating a toaster.

    Someone needs to tell his mother that cravats are out of fashion.

  9. That picture represents all that is wrong with local councils.

  10. Interesting to observe Darebin lift their profile to such heights with this move........

  11. Do google image search of Gaetano Greco for a few more pics and a 'Martian' caricature identifying him as the vandal of opponents' pamphlets.

    Perhaps he has a skin problem and there is no humor in that, but as a political controversialist he is totally fair game.

  12. there is a recurrent theme in all this Prof,
    a cut to the chase yet
    soulful dirge, must ask, must look sigh of resignation, brutal truth to shatter all other perspectives,
    Is that what God is like?

    morality, morality, morality, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time, out out brief candle, life is but a passing shadow, a poor player.... that.....

    when people walked away from Jesus they got all sorts of culture..

    moronic self defeating myopic pseudo scientific self flagellating culture about which you narrate.

    unfortunately Prof all your tomorrows have been all your yesterdays. I self amused over taking out a court injunction to prevent you doing any more fishing trips. As a national treasure you should be kept at a keyboard - in an hermetically sealed room to prevent deterioration.

    But then Prof, a break the mirror incident - dare any man mention the name of God here?

    a hundred odd years ago was it Victorians could have separate bathing beaches and nude? Prof, it is what else Islam has to say about God that makes any other insult passe.

    It is, Who is Jesus? that craggy shoal upon which so many souls rent in two, in lack luster cloud darkened skies, or a final victory over darkness itself

    a reason we quote Shakespeare is Elizabethans had spotted something..

    Prof, a quick study of nudity, bathing, segregated beaches might profit the historian but at what expense if he fails to grasp a reason for there being poles on a compass, a date on calenders, an East and West or better put, Who was Jesus? There is no other question in comparative religion.

    Shakespeare's morality plays pale into an insignificant dim where men have an answer to a question so well known Elizabethans didn't need to ask it - or else those morality plays eclipse all else. It is time and tide, and craggy shoals about which you seem to want to write...

    ah, what is man that God is mindful of him?

    Prof, talk culture if you wish to live it.

    The West has history, does it have present tense?

  13. So that's what drinking bong water does to one's faculties. Nice.

  14. Did anyone get to the end, nay, even half-way, of Mr George's assault on the English language and rational thought? Did it get even worse?
    There's a lot to be said for closing cheap liquor outlets at a sensible hour.

  15. allah hu akbar, Donald -
    Tripoli's Green Square was renamed Martyr's Square.

    Photojournalism might be more obvious to you.

  16. There is a point to the circumlocutory,

    here, join the dots......

    do you think Anonymous that a secular or atheist morality festival is going impress or placate those advancing their perfectly reasonable Islamic territorial demands? Why shouldn't 100,000 Muslims born in Australia have their own Islamic State?

    If you can't ask these questions today you are but to me a .........

  17. Go easy on George - he's most probably bin drinking not wisely but too well and is waxing philosophical. Worse thing happen. He kinda makes sense in a Barney's Version way.

  18. Georgey, best you stick with Classic Comics. Fewer words, more pictures.

  19. maybe mull over it Mark,
    sacrosanct secularism was/ is no answer to the blood bath in southern Philippine's Mindanao or the blood bath of southern Thailand's insurgency, etc, etc ad nauseam

    Maybe I shouldn't wax lyrical about any of this though -
    Jesus resurrection either happened or it didn't. If it did [and it most certainly did] Mohammad's doctrine or Mohammadism is a crock of ...... .
    along with it falls freemasonry.
    One cannot do history or political science or even general science without religion - it's impossible. It takes more than one blog page to cover the whole deal

    segregated nude bathing is certainly one bit of British history to colour any moral arguments about segregation and clothing. cheers

    Characterizing Victorian era moral mores as sexually repressive is badly simplistic - dangerously so...

  20. Donald, you constitute a powerful case for me to shut up

    Islam means submission
    In his benevolence Mohammed granted us bookies the dhimmi option - may not have been offered to you? Heck, what are you? An infidel? Stamp your feet wildly if the council starts paying dhimmitudes for you - it could be in error!

    Alternately, other than ad hominem pieces what do you write? Maybe pamphlets on restoring Scottish common law marriage, a cultural party piece?

    Look the battles over - allah hu akbar, just get comfortable. Be more diverse in your thinking, hold three opinions on everything at once. Diversity, our daily mantra, until the day ......

  21. Prof,some of your correspondents should be on the Darebin council! They are weird enough.

  22. Isn't Darebin council subject to section 116 of the Australian constitution?