Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pvt. Parts Reporting, Sar!

FOR ONE of the more amusing tales of wardrobe malfunctions consult Boy On A Bike.

Just don't ask him to recount it from a squatting position.

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  1. Just wanting to feel the breeze up his kilt?

    "On the one hand, there is the mighty, ferocious Celtic warrior, famed and feared throughout the Roman empire, fighting naked or painted blue, screaming like a Berserker, and cutting off the heads of the enemy......"

    too much nostalgia for any one day?

    Francis Ford Coppola gave us the quintessential soldier Colonel Kurtz in like manner as the French gave us the quintessential English gentleman, Phileas Fogg. Kurtz' character obtusely laments the fall of his Rome is men lacking the conviction to wage Total Warfare.

    As if the progenitors for these characters are seeking out their revival from abroad, the French forever recoiling from their revolution, and the Italians unable to rise from their fascist tarnished hues; even if Coppola was born in the USA.

    The darkness of Conrad apocalyptic vision was maintained, but subtlety surrounding one man's struggle with delusions of divine grandeur in outworking a self annihilation lost.

    I thought it a metaphor all of its own Prof, a woman soldier unable to face naked warfare.

    If the West is in death throws its been because of cultural amnesia -

    Jesus is the datum for the date on every coin in your pocket. But who fights cultural wars anymore? Who recognizes the four crosses on the Flag on every uniform. Perhaps its time to daub the blue paint, or set sail to the new world.

    all religion is an affront to sacred secularism - so Shakespeare's dogs of war howl at phantoms now.
    Between Conrad and Coppola the plot was lost.