Monday, December 12, 2011

The Age's Senior Moment

IN TODAY'S edition of The Phage, which coincides with the latest poll's calibration of the Gillard government's miserable standing with the electorate, the ever-upbeat Michael Gordon once again finds the silver lining:
If there is one consolation, it is the one that has been a constant -- her unpopularity has not made voters more inclined to approve of the man who has pursued her relentlessly. 

Really? In the same newspaper on the same day, Gordon's colleague Katharine Murphy reveals:
Gillard had clawed back to level pegging on the Age/Nielsen ''preferred prime minister'' measure, but in today's poll Abbott has sprinted ahead again.
The truth is that Murphy's version is correct, even if the rest of her column is devoted to detailing Tony Abbott's many difficulties and deficiencies.

After 150 years of publication, the Age grows more demented, decrepit and deluded by the day. The end cannot be far off.

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  1. The end of the Sydney Morning Herald, and any other Fairfax publication, I await with a bottle of Moet on ice -- shouldn't be long now at the going rate.

    Peter Fray mulled over how unimaginable is Sydney without a Sydney Morning Herald --- er actually I imagine it every day just to see it dead and buried and all those anaesthetised group-thinkers released from their self-imposed stupor.