Friday, December 16, 2011

Not His Usual 'Around The World'

HERE's a special Yuletide number for Craig Thomson. A little premature for this festive season, unfortunately, but a very solid possibility for the next.

If Craig likes the tune, he can always claim to have written it himself. Mind you, Tommo the Tumescent still has some friends, especially at their ABC, where the national broadcaster's crack political analysts uncorked Mungo McCallum to explain how the globe-girdling Brothel Creeper's plagiarism is no big deal because, yep, at least one unnamed member of the Howard government was worse.

As if ABC listeners didn't know that already.


  1. Looks like the transcriber has created a beaut McCallum malaprop: ''which was considered to be slightly in for a dig in those days.''
    Dunno about a dig, but he was surely in for a root!

  2. McCallum belongs well back in the last century, one of those people - Jack Thompson, Graham Bond and Mike Willisee are others - that one instinctively places back in the 1970s, whatever they might or might not be up to these days. I've seen no evidence that McCallum has insights of any relevance to any current issue or topic, so why is the ABC seeking his views?

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.December 16, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    In the light of comment one above, I hope that the miscreant Liberal gentleman dredged up by cheap Mungo plonk took an authorized old-fashioned but winning Billabong Rootkit with him, the sort endorsed by our good Professor himself, or he may still have missed out.

    As for Craig the Laid, such are the rewards of High Office for some. Just by the by, aren't feather dusters such useful things? And what a delightful tune you have provided to add joy to this particular rooster's seasonal reflections, Professor.

  4. " Fairwork" won't do a thing to their comrade. What's taking the Police so long ? Everyone knows the weasel is a crook! Screw the mongrel!