Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Face Of A Baby-Drowning, Earth-Raping Homophobe.

THE common wisdom is that conservatives believe liberals to be misguided, while liberals see conservatives as evil. The picture Fairfax has chosen to illustrate Katharine Murphy's essay on gay marriage would seem to confirm the latter impression.

Can't you just hear the guffaws as the Silly editor plucked that picture from the many thousands of John Howard's mugshots which must have been available.


  1. Well done Prof. Fairfax often has form in this area. Strange, I wonder why they didn't use a picture of Gillard, the person actually in a position to change the policy, who ironically, has the same position a 'Howard' would. Funny that.

  2. Surely they could have photoshopped a dent in his forehead caused by a flung shoe???

  3. Professor, you have given me 20/20 hindsight. For four decades The Phage crossed my threshold. Four years ago, the crossword notwithstanding, I said, "Enough of this jaundiced crap." Your updates on the continuing descent of Fairfax into the Left-Green mire, inform me, that the decision is not to be regretted for an instant. Crossword notwithstanding.

  4. I wouldn't be at all surprised that the Silly did a picture "enhancement" to create that evil look. That is the paper which advertised its wares on page 2 about having no hidden agenda.

  5. Hmmm... you could try the Qld edition of the 7.30 report on Friday night 2/12/11.

    It had an article on the negative impact of the Federal (ALP) govt's snap banning of live cattle export upon an Aboriginal owned & operated cattle station in the Gulf Country.

    The article was prefaced with a snide dig at the "racism" of the National Party in the early 1980's, in particular Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

    The ALP was not named, it was just a mumbled "the government".
    Both the National Party AND Joh Bjelke-Petersen WERE named in the same breath as "racism" in the 1980's.... 30 years ago.....

    .... for an article about ALP triggered events that took place in the 2nd half of 2011.

  6. PhillipGeorge(c)2011December 3, 2011 at 9:51 PM

    Prof, I've just come fresh from reading Roger Aldridge's 2004 nostalgia piece, as recommended by your readership. Two lines got me.
    ".. we drank our rounds in ever-diminishing circles until we finally disappeared up our own egos: in short, it became too in-house, domestic, a bit smug, too removed from the grot and rigour and rumour ....." [aka real people]

    the other line:

    "...More words disappeared from the lexicon"

    I suspect one could map social trajectories around two words: providence and prudence. "PR" words from when P.R. didn't exist.

    Any way Professor, you doing "homophobia" has a convergence with Roger Aldridge's memory diary.
    The blood sweat tears and venereal diseases of real lifestyle choices is missing. The dehumanized don't count in suicide or depressive illness statistics. Gay Utopia and desexualization of marriage are what is up the long dark corridors of disappearing up "our own egos".

    Perkin's Jesus was always an appellation to conscience pricking reality - just like it still is. For God's sake, you must know this..

  7. Fairfax thinks Howard is still PM? No wonder Fairfax shares are dismal.

  8. @ Nic: Or Rudd. Or even Obama.

    Hell, the only party leader in Australia who has expressed clear and public support for the issue is Bob Brown - and you can't say he doesn't have a vested interest.

  9. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.December 3, 2011 at 11:44 PM

    Julia in one of her most lamentable fashion howlers would be one way to pictorially retalliate. Or when reviving her earlier lezzo-look phase wearing that pinstripe pants-suit with the extraordinary choice of apparently tie-dyed purple and white braiding. This outfit was especially problematic when she was still wearing it with those power bovver boots often sported by female luvvies in politics and academe (she gave those boots up a while back though). Or a pic of her shrew face contorting as she shrieks and shrills in Parliament? Fair game. Anything they can do ... Or are we conservatives above all of this nastiness and distortion? Perhaps we should be.

  10. But the Young People, the chiiildren, they KNOW, they will lead us to a better world, born into an evil world only to bless us and patiently uplift us (except when they protest and get a little angry, but who can blame them...?)

    And the Young People know this picture is TRUE, old people are evil, wicked, brainwashed by John Howard, who is a helpless dupe of global Kapital - so the experts explain - that's why they cling bitterly to the past, and say rude things about foreigners over Xmas, sorry Holiday, dinner...

  11. That's actually a good photo of JWH. A viewer sees an image of solidity, frankness, purpose, and "no bloody rubbish thank you".

    What wonderful days they were, thank you Mr. Howard.