Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stay The Coarse

 A COMMENTER'S salty language in a recent thread has brought a complaint from the person against whom it was directed. The grumbler is quite right, and if the Professor had been dutiful and attentive, instead of preoccupied or in his cups, it would never have gone up.

So, please, no more likening of people, even big dills, to stinky body parts. Leave that sort of stuff to the ABC, which not only has the budget to do obscenity properly .....

.... but a ministerial overseer who encourages it.


  1. And make sure you stay the course Prof. Of the holy trinity, Bolt, Bunyip, Blair; one has already succumbed to the siren call of Christmas furlough. We need at least one eagle eye during this period, as it is renowned as a window for unsavoury types to sneak their unpalatable agendas onto an unsuspecting and distracted populace.

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.December 14, 2011 at 12:46 PM

    Where on earth did Conroy think he was? Drama school? The pub? Driving on auto I suspect with no need to engage brain before putting mouth into gear. Quite the fool. Modern political vehicle engineering to blame, allows inexperienced idiots to take the National wheel and do damage.

    Opposite to our Tony who drives towards the Lodge so cautiously geared he sometimes messes up the clutch change and stalls.

    These guys need driving lessons, and for good measure Conroy needs a mouthwash with battery acid and a spell in the garage so he can do no further harm.

  3. Social and intellectual vandalism in the name of creativity appears to abound when a nation lead by morons has been voted in to power by imbeciles.

  4. "Where on earth did Conroy think he was? Drama school?"

    Almost. Focus-group workshop, I'd say. From the same geniuses that brought us the KRudd "shitstorm"...