Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Sewer That Is Afghanistan

SOME 1,000 Australian troops departed yesterday for Afghanistan, where 32 of their comrades have been killed and many others wounded.

This is what they are fighting for.

Enough already. Let the natives wallow in their "cultural issues". Australians have no business being there.

UPDATE: Actually, there is a way out of this mess -- one that might easily be portrayed as honouring Australia's obligation to support the Karzai kleptocracy while simultaneously solving another headache.

Imagine, just for argument's sake, that every male boat person arriving on our shores was sent not to a processing facility but to an Army base, where they would be trained, equipped and sent back to Afghanistan to fight for their own country's future.

Who can doubt the flow of "asylum seekers" would end within days of such an announcement?


  1. Come, come, Professor, you’re being judgemental. Essential reading on modern ethics and moral relativism tells us:
    “It’s just wrong to judge other cultures!”

  2. What a great and timely suggestion! It should be widely distributed.Keep up your wonderful blogs Professor. They are required reading and a most welcome antidote to the madness of contemporary politics and society.

  3. Dispatched to the Billabong this very day, Diversity Outreach Consultants,
    complete with clipboards and interrogative pens. Be prepared, Bunyip, to meet thy fate. You will wish in the end, that it was only the Jehovahs who came a knocking.

  4. The warlord Northern Alliance sorted the islamofascist Taliban with U S aid a while back,send the Australian trained " asylum seekers " to help them ,the non Afghan illegals can be sent as " Volunteers" and awarded Afghan permanent resident visas ,tuis will stop them wrecking detention camps and talking to lawyers.they can live on the Afghan dole then.Perhaps a few Refugee Activists and Leftie politicians could " Volunteer" too ? .

  5. "trained, equipped and sent back to Afghanistan to fight for their own country's future"

    Oh, but they are. Trained in "how to beat the system" techniques when it comes to getting the best out of Australia's refugee laws, some return to the country the fled to funnel their kith and kin in our direction.

  6. We have business being there if we decide we are going to take the gloves off and break the filthy bastards for their savagery.

    If, every time an outrage like this happened, the perpetrator(s) and an imam or two were found next morning dangling naked in the village square with rashers of bacon crammed into their dead mouths, I'm willing to bet we could bring this to an end in a time not much greater than we've already been there. This sort of ruthlessness is how the British curbed the practice of widow-burning in India, and I think there's a great deal to recommend it here.

  7. PhillipGeorge(c)2011December 4, 2011 at 8:22 PM

    RE: the widow-burning in India. Kali worship and the stranglers of Thuggery. What a sexual high murder must be?
    Perturbed, as recently as World War II the Americans could go into a place and teach "truth justice and the American way".
    After the war Americans could hand out bibles with chocolate bars.
    Without Christianity the West has no identity, borders, or basis for existing. This is just an historical fact. Much like the name of some capital city or some King's birthday, coronation, or the height of some waterfall. It is like trigonometry tables. It doesn't change. When education made light of facts the whole house came tumbling down.
    So let's all watch China for interesting developments in Jurisprudence and social constructivism. Or do a massive U-turn.
    Repent even.

    [warlord or freedom fighter - its what day of the week its reported, and that is a serious problem with policy]

  8. Forget the Army base interlude,just ship them straight back so they can benefit from training on the job.