Friday, December 9, 2011

No Wonder We're Called "Deniers"

EVEN for The Drum this is a new low:
Various reviews of the CRU have found that the scientists did not mislead the public or corrupt the peer review process, and that the data was sound. The point is not that the researchers were flawless saints, but that the reality of scientific labour and consensus was too-easily swapped for a vision of devious deception. Like the Elders of Zion, these sneaky liberals were trying to hijack the economy from hard-working, ordinary volk.
So, if you have noticed that the Climategate emails are replete with evidence of unethical behaviour and violations of the scientific method, according to author Damon Young you are no better than a Jew-kicking Brownshirt.

And do you know the funny thing: The article purports to be about the need to banish caricatures and stereotypes.

Young has co-edited a book on philosophy and the martial arts, so it would be charitable to assume he was kicked in the head once or twice too often during the course of his research.

What is Drum editor Jonathan Green’s excuse?

UPDATE: Yesterday, on the thread below another Drum article, also about climate change, an old name resurfaced. Sadly, the late Sparkles, last seen surrounded by cashews and black bean sauce, continues to be denied the peer-reviewed recognition he deserves:

sandy composta :

08 Dec 2011 5:00:01pm

I believe my mother's studies of molting in climate-stressed cats leaves no doubt about the reality of climate change. Bowering's support for the UN is gratifying. The organisation has supported him in expanding his perspectives with a trip to frontlines of the climate conflict and it is only reasonable that he stand by it.


  1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.December 9, 2011 at 2:17 PM

    There's no arguing with them Bunyip. Look at this extract from Damon's party piece:

    "Of course we all have moments of delusion, particularly when we have invested – psychologically or monetarily – in some institution or labour: political parties, careers, academic theories, for example. But some individuals and communities transform this mechanism into a modus operandi, and make themselves more, not less, vulnerable as they do. Nothing invites coercion like the scent of bad faith."

    Clearly there's no investment in a particular academic theory or community in Damon's writing though, is there, with his liberal scattering of the post-modern "Other" throughout his argument?

    Now, who would those "individuals and communities" he refers to actually be? Why, those intellectually bankrupt mobilising conservatives of course. Certainly not, in Damon's world, the broad left thumping along on The Drum, a community to which he implicitly subscribes in his post-modern jargon and analysis.

    Well Damon, as far as I am concerned your extract suits leftist organisations to a T. As I construe it, their 'modus operandi' gets near to 100% on the delusional scale, and that's my definition of Bad Faith. I don't give a damn about any Other.

  2. Surely the ABC can find better propagandists than schoolboys?
    When this little man grows up, he will probably, like most of us, find that his certitudes were not cast in stone.

  3. I wonder if Australian philosopher Damon Young is entirely ignorant of the philosophical tradition that inspired the antisemitic pamphlet Protocols of the Sages of Zion?
    The direct inspiration was an 1864 pamphlet by French anti-conservative Maurice Joly (A dialogue in hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu).
    Joly believed that 'modern' despotism involved free elections and press freedom. The Protocols provided a rationale for terrorism.
    I think Mr Young simply believes that between elections, citizens should be seen but not heard.