Friday, July 26, 2013

...and Joe Hockey looks like Herman Goering

Just now, on Radio National:
CALLER: ....obviously the Opposition Leader, er, um, er
CALLER: Yes, Abbott, well he's doing what Dr Goebbels instructed
MITCHELL:  Thank you. You obviously take the long-term perspective
We get up, go to work, pay taxes -- and this, via the ABC, is what we get in return.

(NB: this is not a word-perfect transcript, but close enough)


  1. Prof,

    Back on 28 June. I was listening to ABC 774 when a caller asked Sally Warhaft if she would stand as a Labor candidate at a future election. She replied to the effect that she has no connection with Labor.

    I listened to most of that day's 'Friday Wrap' & it was generally pretty balanced, although the callers put to air were probably more pro-Labor/Greens, overall & Tony Abbott often came in for the usual bagging. Near the end, Sally took a call from ‘Sean, from Chelsea’ & the following exchange occurred – live-on-air (I have transcribed this verbatim from a recording):

    'SFC': Just on the matter of trust - you had Tim (Tim Wilson, from the IPA) on there before & he was talking about trust. You’ve got blokes like Clive Palmer, Joe Hockey, Mal Brough & Peter Slipper – & they would have all been involved with the IPA & now somebody is lying amongst those boys in regards to Peter Slipper – Slippergate or Ashbygate – whatever you want to call it…

    SW: Well, we don’t know who, Sean, it’s sort of one word against another, isn’t it?

    'SFC': If I said the sky’s blue & you said it’s yellow, one of us is lyin’, aren’t we – you know what I mean?

    SW: Yep.

    'SFC': So, somebody is lyin’ – either Clive Palmer & Peter Slipper are lyin’ or Mal Brough & Joe Hockey is lyin’. With Mal Brough’s history & Joe Hockey’s history, well, you’d point the finger at them, wouldn’t ya’?

    SW: Well, I wouldn’t be pointing the finger at anybody but I mean it is an interesting …

    'SFC': What I’m tryin’ to say to you is - Can you imagine if the situation was reversed about the Labor party – this would be all over the Herald Scum and everything.

    SW: OK, Sean, I’m going to move on now…

    Presumably, Sally could have hit the 'cut button' anytime she wanted but 'slagging' is OK on our ABC, as long as the targets are conservative...


  2. You know what Bunyip you should not have been expecting something better from my ABC. Gotta zip and shake a sauce bottle. Kevni

  3. The Old and Unimproved DaveJuly 27, 2013 at 10:41 AM

    Isn't it sad when bad things happen to good sentences?

  4. It's not just our ABC...

    I just sent a complaint email to SBS:

    To whom it may concern

    I was angered to see an item on the SBS 6:30pm World News on 26 July 2013, looking at the 60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice – from the North Korean perspective, if you please. Alleged reporter, Elise Potaka, included vision of a gaggle of wizened, be-medalled old communist veterans, as well as, astonishingly, a cherubic young schoolboy, parroting the Kim family propaganda:

    I feel great! Because we beat the American bastards who boasted how they were the strongest in the world!

    Elise then went on to describe how:

    North Korea blames the continued US presence in the south as the reason why tensions continue, six decades on.

    (Well, of course they do! Just like paedophiles blame the continued nasty, despicable presence of police, who interfere with their plots to interfere with cherubic young schoolboys…not unlike, say, that little North Korean boy. Can I expect an SBS reporter to do a luvvie little report, advancing the ‘paedo’ perspective, too?)

    I sat at home, watching this emerging travesty of purported ‘reporting’, wondering when the propaganda was going to stop & some return to reality might resume. Like noting at some point, for instance, that North Korea had launched an unprovoked war of aggression against South Korea in 1950. Elise did belatedly include an excerpt from comments by what appeared to be an Australian gent – perhaps a veteran of the Korean War himself – but of course of the variety intent on travelling there to allegedly try to ‘engage’ with the former (& still belligerent) enemy…

    When I later went on the SBS website, to find whether video evidence existed to confirm that I hadn’t just dreamt this travesty, I clicked on a link to a related story – ‘What was Australia’s role in the Korean War?’ Well, blow me down, you were at it again – giving prominence to the writings of communist sympathiser, Wilfred Burchett.

    I haven’t seen such a partisan performance on SBS since Lee Lin Chin read the evening news one night, wearing an image of dead commo, Che Guevara, on her sleeve.

    Why don't you just change your name to 'Soviet Broadcasting Service' & be done with the pretence?


    Bill Thompson

  5. I thought Tony was a Vatican operative.
    I'm confused now.

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.July 27, 2013 at 7:24 PM

    Yes. A comment like that needs to be moderated, immediately, not encouraged.

    Natasha Mitchell wins Godwin's Law for this week.

  7. what our taxes are paying for now is represented by the 'abc nervous giggle' followed by the abc announcer proclaiming that they are either "a little conflicted" or they are "slightly conflicted" by the hivemind changing from the left of gillard to full jackbooted fascist pro-rudd mode.

    the abc justify this by saying that they are just fascists to kill tories,and as soon as all the tories are dead,or the election won,then the abc will cease cheering for fascism,and return to deep green fundementalism.