Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Only the black stripes count

Visitors to this little blog may have noticed that posts have come in spasms over the past few months, and for this inconsistency apologies are offered. The thing is, other interests and obligations have trumped the business of blogging, often leaving little time and less energy to tickle the plastics.

Things have now settled a little, so posts should be more regular, as there is so much that is curious and worthy of comment. Take Daily Life contributor Celeste Liddle who, being both a feminist and Aborigine of the modern kind, should probably equip her gunyah with a hotline direct to Judge Mordy's chambers. Given her ethnic identity, Ms Liddle's capacity for tasking offence would seem boundless. Here is how she describes herself:

Celeste is a proud Arrernte/Collingwood woman. She was born in Canberra and her family moved to Melbourne when she was 14 where she has lived ever since.....

So watch what you say about Victoria Park, Jock McHale (who, if the Rainbow Serpent had hands, would sit beside the right one), and the sacred site formerly known as the Outer urinal, where many myths of the Great Flood had their origin).


  1. Glad to have you back Professor. I missed you.

  2. Just looked into the whinging Celeste's twitter - I followed for 1 minute before "unfollowing". One minute of my life which I will not get back and which, to boot, will potentially leave me with post traumatic stress disorder. What I read in this long 1 minute was: "AbbottAbbottAbbottAbbottAbbottAbbott". Arrrghhhh.

  3. Are we allowed to say she doesn't look black? Or is there a force which will come after those whose fingers so abuse the keyboard?

  4. At least the lady apparently has only to worry about whether she is white or brown - what about us poor sods who have to decide between our English, Scottish, Irish and Breton forebears? And she appears to have all her teeth so cannot be a Collingwood supporter.

  5. Sorta on topic...There's a good yarn about McHale. One of his talent scouts came to him and said: Jock, have I got a man for you! Six foot two, fifteen stone, can jump four feet straight up, can do 100 yards in even time in footy gear and can kick a footy 80 yards off a step!
    To which McHale answered yes, ok, but can he play football?

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.July 4, 2013 at 6:05 PM

    Elizabeth is a proud Brythonic/Saxon woman. She was born in Glasgow's Gorbals and her family moved to Sydney's Mt. Druitt, where she left them when she was 14 and has never been back since.

    She hereby lays claim to Native Title over most of Northern England and Wales due to her Brythonic family's dispossession from their Brigantian tribal regions over two thousand years ago.

    You know it makes sense.

    1. But Lizzie you have got to have a rainbow serpent to make it claimable - and Nessy doesn't qualify as she/he/it is not multi-coloured [or so I am told never having seen the wee thing]. And anyway the people your mob displaced in the Bronze Age have a prior claim. Gets a bit silly doesn't it.

    2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.July 5, 2013 at 2:55 PM

      David, as Celeste would tell you, the blood thins, but it never disappears. Anyway, most 'takeovers' in Britain actually never happened. Certainly there is much scholarly disbelief that a group of separate 'Celts' ever arrived, and even the great Saxon advance has its revisionist critics, who believe much of that was a political and cultural take-over not a genetic one (pots move, often people don't, as the archaeologists say these days). True, the Normans, who were basically nouveaux riche Vikings, did a better job of 'invasion', but theirs was also, in genetic terms, predominantly a cultural invasion. I know the Danes came in to, but when? That is something of an issue. There is good evidence for a lot of Scandinavian genes in Britain prior to Caesar's time. One other thing in my claimant favour is that mostly, the invading men moved in and took whatever women were around at the time (so the genetic tracers tell us). Rapine and pillage, how sexist is that?

      So Britain is indubitably mine, mine, mine, via the matriline, and I want it now, or I will sic Judge Mordy onta ya for disputing my sacred blood. You lot didn't know my Sainted Mother (and weren't you lucky?). She was a direct descendant of the Iceni Queen, a Druid's child from out Anglesey way, I'll have you know. We got around a bit, we Brigantians.

  7. Life has been quite dreary without your insightful witticisms, so welcome back! I cannot help but note that your return is synchronous with that of a certain KRudd, and I look forward to much tickling of the plastics as Kev bounces from jet to shopping mall, in search of adulation.