Monday, September 16, 2013

But who's going to root the dog?

It will a bumper edition of Q&A tonight. Here's the guest list:
So, a self-funded loony, an ex-Labor loony, a green loony, a precious-pie luvvie, a former ALP member and party historian, and a wowser.

Oh, and we must not overlook a compere whose most notable talent -- only talent, actually -- is an infinite capacity for interrupting conservatives. Tonight that gift will not be taxed, as there is not a single guest who remotely approaches that description.


  1. Miss Waters is from Winnipeg; she should be able to discuss 'winter'.


  2. Tony Jones does have a notable talent for leering down the camera at me like a half-cut letcherous uncle at a family wedding.

    Please take that as a comment . . .

    1. Funny that--I stopped watching his sludge show for a number of reasons most of them consisted of anger making idiocies from the green/ left idiots he could be relied upon to place on his stage, but the worst factor was what I always thought was his supercilious smirk whenever he looked at the camera after pontificating!

  3. I reckon Clive Palmer would give it a go ...

  4. When I was a lad I thought I was a bit of a rebel; all of society's conventions ought be challenged. Time and experience taught me that many of society's conventions exist for a good reason. Probably the nebulous concept of 'standards' is such a convention.
    So, is it good to mock someone as a participant in bestiality? Does it make society any the better?
    Or does it promote a libertarian milieu where one can say and do whatever one wishes to? And if someone does that and purposefully offends me, can I take revenge (any revenge I like)?
    Maybe the A in ABC is the initial of Anarchy?

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.September 17, 2013 at 7:57 AM

    I have been live blogging Q & A with the Catallaxy crew for a while, Prof, but wonder if I have the strength to continue, because the line-up will be even worse next week. Wall-to-wall Green activists, with probably just a tiny bit of sacrificial conservative meat to work them into a feeding frenzy. These Greenies will be just regular folk, of course, 'coz the ABC wants to get back to basics.

    Time for some mass sackings?

  6. We live in the hope Joe has the intestinal stuff to whip Malcolm into the age of reality and together, they make use of the biggest fire hose available. Starting in the Managing Director's office, progressing to the Boardroom and then systematically working their way through the ranks of this contemptuous organisation.

    It's time!