Friday, September 6, 2013

Pop will go the weasels

When Old Scrotum Face plays glove puppet for Labor, as he does once again at taxpayer expense, do you reckon it's because he enjoys the hand sliding in there and up there, or because it has never been withdrawn since his glory days as a Labor spinner?

Whatever the answer, he must be a delight to work with. Even with arm inserted to the shoulder, the operator will never have felt anything of greater substance than spleen, the withered heart of a PR hack and, up where a fair and unbiased brain should be, the little toggles that make the jaw move up and down, just like Gerry Gee.

Now, as a foretaste of what will happen very soon after Abbott PM settles in, place a finger in your cheek and close the lips around it. Now rapidly withdraw the digit.

A satisfying 'pop', no?

Remember that noise. It is what we will hear as all sorts of things are withdrawn, not just from Scrotum Face but the entire ABC.


Look, it's Marieke Hardy deflating!


And Red Kerry too!


there go the Chaser's middle-aged men...


... and Young Chip

 Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Centrelink really should set up branch offices in all ABC foyers.

After all that blood-letting, what's left of the ABC can be devoted to the resurrection of quality viewing:


  1. I think you are being unfair to scrotums, which at least perform a useful carriage function.

  2. Can't wait. Then again, Insiders on Sunday will be interesting. How long before the old themes of "we wuz robbed" and "It's all Murdoch's fault" start up.

    What will be even more interesting in the coming weeks though, is watching ALP types turn purple as they restrain themselves from criticising the continuation of border control measures they once opposed - but now can't as the Ruddster set them up.

  3. Deveny is already losing it over on twitter, venting spleen.

    Hope anything she's attached to gets the axe.

    Including that stupid photographer, Samuel Townsend, who decided she was worthy to grace the walls of the National Portrait Gallery.

    Looking forward to the mouth frothing rage of the leftard scum for the next ten years.

  4. Prof I wish it were so, but unfortunately the only pop we are likely to hear is Liberal champagne corks tomorrow. The self serving bubbles of bile wont pop, deflate or even lose gas as they float above the sea of leftist angst.
    I have just been informed that Tony has announced on SBS he will neither sell nor cut funding to the ABC and he believes in AGW. Milo give me strength!

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.September 6, 2013 at 11:18 PM

    Let them eat tuppeny rice and treacle, Prof.

    Good riddance when they go.

  6. There is one solution for the Lefties' inner-city strongholds. The older of us will recognise the original course and punchline of the reprised old yarn below, but these are different times we live in, so one must adapt.

    A Liberal voter goes to vote in an inner-city polling booth, and tries to run the gauntlet of Lefties outside led by Kerrie O'Brien.

    "Where you going, mate?", sez Kerrie.

    "I'm going in to vote for the Liberals."

    "Well, look here, mate, if you want to vote today, you've got to be able to read and you've got to be able to write!" sez Kerrie. "So I'm just gunna put you to the test. Take these and write something."

    So Kerrie gives the voter a ballpoint pen and a piece of waxed paper.

    "Huh", says the voter after several attempts. "I could write this morning."

    "Hey, mate", yells Kerrie, "you've just proved to me that you can't write! Now can you read?"

    "Of course I can read", sez the voter.

    So Kerrie gives him the Hebrew Times..."Read THAT, mate!

    "Well", sez the voter, "I can't read the fine print, but I can read out the big headline."

    "What does it say?" sez Kerrie.

    "No Rednecks Voting In This Electorate Today!"



  8. Pop!

    Look, it's Marieke Hardy defecating!

  9. Bit of Deep Sleep Therapy wouldn't go astray. P'raps I should put in for a grant, say it's based on the teachings of a Himalayan Yogi - hits all the right buttons.