Friday, January 20, 2012

Ain't Multiculturalism Just Grand!

LATE IN JULY last year, Saddam Hussein’s court musician, Esam Moshi, received good news from the Refugees Review Tribunal, which swallowed its reservations and granted him the right to remain in Australia, where he arrived on an entertainment visa before applying for permanent residency. “The refugee tribunal also admitted it had some concerns about the man's claims,” the Herald Sun reported, “but said he did not endorse Saddam's regime and was ‘forced’ to provide entertainment.”

With every reason to celebrate the gullibility and trusting natures of the officials who took him, Moshi did just that. Less than a month later he was arrested and charged with a pair of brutal attacks on elderly women. It was no big deal, Moshi was quoted in The Age as saying, perhaps because he expected to find the same level of credulity infecting his adopted country’s courts.

Today, Judge Michael Bourke proved that hope false by sending him away for five years.

It costs something like $100,000 a year to house a prisoner, plus there will have been the benefits he has received, as Moshi told the court he was unemployed. Yet he was driving a taxi when he committed the assaults and is also reported to have been the former co-owner of a Reservoir reception centre, so there must at some point have been private wealth he was able to tap.

Is there no way this creature can be obliged to re-pay the vast sums that have been poured into helping him, preferably before he is deported? If neither of those options is possible then the law needs changing – and fast.


  1. Training to be a bouncer? Let's hear his music. I'm pretty sure that could clear a dance floor at closing time more effectively.

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.January 20, 2012 at 3:12 PM

    I guess we are already paying for his wife's upkeep as well. He's got a 'disable' magnet on his moral compass, a trick familiar to Saddam's mates.

  3. I read this, "Moshi, a father of one, was suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, Judge Bourke said,"

    , and immediately thought the old refugee PTSD chestnut was being raised: persecution under the evil dictator etc. Continue reading,

    "after difficult dealings with former business partners with whom he had owned a reception centre in Reservoir."

    Pffff! What!? Post-traumatic-small-business-nonsense-stress??

  4. It's a shocker, David, on so many fronts. First, that we let a tyrant's toady into the country. Second, that we supported him when he had money of his own. And third, if he has obtained citizenship, that we cannot throw him out.

    If we had a halfway decent PM, she would be contacting the Iraqis to see there are any charges outstanding. If so, on the plane with this piece of filth.

    Did you notice in the Age story from last year how one of the charges was sexual assault. And on an old lady!

  5. This is one of the huge weaknesses of the refugee system, hes a refugee because he was on the TYRANTS SIDE, which lost the war.
    When i was working immigration we were receiving people claiming they were fleeing from the same tyrant.

    If we receive Libyans now they will be the ones who were supporting Gaddafi until they lost.
    Now they are fleeing the retribution many deserve, but we will take them as persecuted?

    Its a sick, sick joke.

  6. Why didn't we let the barbarians hang him?

  7. And it's a burkha to a brick he will be provided with Halal food.

    If you did not already know, some years ago a Muslim paedophile resident in QLD's Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre complained about his diet.

    To his aid galloped QLD's leading social justicer. She dried his eyes, told him he was entitled to compo and suggested to him the amount he should receive.

    The then Minister for Police and Corrective Services subsequently said:

    "Finally, I know Department employees [Corrective Services] will be interested to know that the corrective services issue that has generated more feedback to my office than any other issue in the sector was news last month of a compensation case involving a Queensland prisoner who did not receive fresh Halal meat.

    The Anti-Discrimination Tribunal’s decision to grant the child sex offender $2000 because the prisoner received tinned Halal meat, rather than fresh Halal meat, created a huge public outcry".

    Off stage left, Corrective Services declared the whole business too hard and decided that everyone, regardless of religion, would be fed Halal meat. It was cheaper to source just one type they said.

    Some time back I wrote to Corrective Services and asked if Halal meat was still being served to everyone whether they wanted Halal meat or not. It took several phone calls and letters to get the answer which was: Yes.

    I hear Allah was pleased. But, no less than so than the unlovely Keysar Trad who organised a pro Halal form letter blitz directed at the then Minister.

    I thought his template contained a number of fibs. Judging by the comments made by a NSW judge who heard and rubbished Trad's testimony on another matter, I think I may have been onto something.

    But in the end who won? Well certainly not those who think snivelling to Islam is a very dangerous practice.

  8. Don't forget, the Australian Labor Party needs all the votes that can be mustered and importing votes is simply part of the plan to stay afloat! Stuff the country. Stuff her genuine citizens. Whatever it takes!


  9. It's about time those whose duty it is to protect Australia and its citizens but fail to do so are held to account. Yes, Refugee Review Tribunal, I'm looking at you. Along with Parole Boards and Judges the RRT get away with a level of incompetence that would attract censure in any other profession.


  10. Yes, if you not Australian,, it doesn't matter how bad you are , Australia will welcome you with open arms .Even finance you and take care of all your personal needs...especially if you say you will vote Labor.
    Treason charges on our government anyone?

    Your time is nearly up .

  11. Judge Bourke jailed Moshi for five years and ordered that he serve a minimum of three years before being eligible for parole.

    I'd call a minimum sentence of 3 years, which is all this scumbag will probably serve, a similar "level of credulity infecting his adopted country’s courts."

    Compare and contrast with Brendon Lee O'Connell's 3 year jail sentence in Perth "for posting an anti-semitic video on the internet."

    Bash and rob two old ladies - 3 years.

    Post a video about yourself boycotting Israeli oranges - 3 years.

  12. Labour wants to import Any criminal because they will vote.Gillard

  13. But wait Bunyip, looks like he was somehow framed. All is explained here:

  14. Professor, here's a draft we could use.

    Just change the "Welcome to Britain" to "Welcome to Oz", and amend for local institutions and colloquialisms as necessary.

  15. Ah!, the joys of Islam, the gift which just keeps on giving. Can't we have more of them?

  16. "It costs something like $100,000 a year to house a prisoner"

    This is no doubt known as 'making the punishment fit the crime?'.
    Wouldn't it be cheaper to just dump him somewhere in the desert? With a Black Light tattoo - Persona Non Grata.