Monday, January 2, 2012

Lupert, You One Hip Dude Hubby

THERE are two conclusions to be reached after taking a look at Rupert Murdoch's alleged Twitter account:

1/ It's a fraud, despite Twitter's certification that it is genuine.


2/ If it is not a fraud, then it is time to short News Ltd stock. The silly old bugger has lost his marbles (before Wendi's kids can battle Anna's brood for them in Probate Court).

Actually, regardless of the account's authenticity, there is some evidence to suggest #2. If you had clicked the above link just a month or two ago, it would have taken you directly to The Australian and scored that newspaper an extra visitor. Now you will hit the paywall and probably end up clicking through to the Silly, which, dopey as it is, isn't half as silly as Rupert when it comes to getting a handle on this new whizzybang interweb thing.

At the Billabong, the betting is on fraud -- a view bolstered by the just-too-convenient Wendi Deng's neatly dovetailed twitter account.

Anyway, have a peek at @rupertmurdoch and @wendideng and stayed tuned.

UPDATE: Someone else needing to be convinced.

UPDATE II: We'll know it is genuine if something like the following tweet appears:

Not appealing Mordy's verdict on Bolt because must suck up to Gillard. Have sent her Glenn Milne's head but she wants $17,000 voucher at Town Mode to be nice.


  1. Wendi looks fake, but Rupert could be real. Someone went to a lot of trouble for that profile pic if it is faked...

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.January 2, 2012 at 8:50 PM

    Gillard as Salome? Erk. So whose head will she demand on a platter now, as obviously Milne was just a starter? Maybe Rupert can tweet a few suggestions seeking feedback about who might next best please the Gorgon lady in his search for her favours.

  3. PhillipGeorge(c)2012January 3, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    Prof, if the British Parliamentary Inquiry into Phone Taps proved anything it was 1. Rupert is fast becoming a genuinely old man. 2. The story was: there really was no story. The sorts of "invasion" were nearly entirely inane. Apart from a few deleted messages left to a bereaving family there was no crime.

    These weren't home invasions; people tied up, pistol whipped, raped, beaten, left bruised and bleeding, or bludgeoned to death by the jealous relative.

    The genuine losses were felt by family and friends of those losing their jobs from the ransacking of a 150 years old newspaper.

    This was a witch hunt where witches avoided all daylight. Which brings us to that other great unresolved question of science. Does Julia weigh as much as a duck? We know that wood floats, as do ducks!
    When jurisprudence once again catches up with science, and men take back their rightful seats - the public's confidence in science and politics can be restored.
    Pure unadulterated bloggery, you grumble and guffaw. For those of us fixated with her Ides of March, we can rightly retort "Jules, don't go!" But Jules, must meet here brutish Kevin and blood once more stain the senate steps.

    So men, man your rocks, and women dust off your fake beards. 2012 could bring us Australian politics most sort after comment: "I'm looking forward to spending more time with my family". Oh how sweet that speech will be.

  4. Prof

    I don't think it's fake.

    Rupe says he spent the festive season on St Barts. I checked with my kid who also spent the same period on the island and claims he was there or supposed to be.

    So if it's a fake account, the faker would have known Rupe's whereabouts during this time.

    That's possible of course as the rumor could have hit the web or the faker was there on the island faking away.

    However it does narrow the field somewhat leading me to think the silly old idiot is twittering away.

  5. "Wendi Murdoch Deng Twitter account exposed as a spoof" - SMH 4/1/12

    Nice one Prof.