Saturday, January 28, 2012

Election Now!

A PRIME MINISTERIAL staffer incites a race riot. No ifs, ands or buts, that is that happened -- regardless of how many unnamed intermediaries and cut-outs were required to relay to the tent embassy's ferals word of Tony Abbott's presence at The Lobby restaurant. Young Mr Hodges has now been tossed overboard, and the lickspittle media is busying itself with trying to obscure the simple, ugly truth that his phone call was entirely in keeping with this rancid government's strategy of smearing the Opposition leader by any means necessary.

Why wouldn't a young buck in the PM's office pick up the signals and run with them? Hey, a quick call to a contact, a bit of misquoting and, Presto!, lovely footage on the nightly news of demonstrators demanding Abbott's head. See, Australia, even blackfellas hate him too.

If the scheme had gone as planned, does anyone doubt Hodges would have let it be known that he had engineered the coup? Of course not. He would have been sliming his little secret straight into our PM's ear.

But the scheme foundered, as all this government's projects do, on the rock of its endemic incompetence. Forget managing the economy, drowning illegal aliens or burying billions in the NBN's trenches. Gillard's crew cannot even spread a little malicious gossip without it coming back to bite them.

Now it is true that gossip and lies are integral parts of the political process, much as decent folk might dislike them. But gossip aimed at pitting white against black, at adding fuel to the fire that yesterday saw the flag of every Australian burned on the steps on Parliament! Anyone who sees that strategy as a means to a political end, or any partisan attempting to justify it, such people are beneath contempt.

We need an election and we need it now.

A NOTE OF GRATITUDE to visiting troll Numbers, who pointed out a typo. It is good know he is useful for something other than to be mocked


  1. It was an utter disgrace, yet nobody is being charged so far--not even the female who seems to have so much confidence in her own "rights" she can be immortalised forever on TV film,holding the PM's shoe and saying it will be sold on ebay or similar!

    I would have rounded up the lot of them and charged them with attempting to imprison the PM, a form of treason--which would have been much clearer had the PM's trip resulted in abrasions, cuts of bone fractures!

    I have no time for racial activists of any sort, and Australia Day was trashed by some ignorant bo dole bludging drongoes, though I've no idea if they were aboriginal or not,and I appreciate that some respected aboriginals have condemned the whole sorry episode.

    This country has already gone to the dogs.

    All I know is the aborigine cause has been set back maybe half a century--pity the remote children and women of the Intervention!_ and the constitutional changes will be resoundingly defeated in any referendum

    The investigation called for by Christopher Pyne should be open and thorough and I hope it results in some charges being laid--the burning of the Australian flag was to my mind, unforgivable.

    1. Everyone knows all this abo stuff is a load of BS. But, you know, we try to accommodate it for the sake of perceived harmony and keep the media off our backs...well, up to a point anyway. So screw any change to the constitution.

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.January 28, 2012 at 11:32 AM

    And at that election Prof we need to ensure that every rancid act, every piece of underhand garbage and every huge and smelly pile of ordure of the government that has tried to break Australia's spirit of decency and fair play should be brought to loud public attention. That's before we even start on picking the eyes from their lunatic policies.

    Their fight will be right on form: dirty tricks. We should have strategy and tactics of attack and defense ready.

  3. "saw the flag of every Australian flag"
    Sit down, Bunyip - you're becoming incoherent and the dog is pissing on your swag..............

    1. No I don't think so. It's too busy pissing on Gillard &C.

  4. What is it about gays and security breaches? They can NEVER be trusted.

  5. I am so glad that this disgusting abuse of privilege has been exposed. Hodges dismissal is not enough.
    That he was happy to engineer this on Australia day knowing that SES volunteers were being honoured...well,I can hardly find words to say how low and squalid this lot are.


    "Julia Gillard shrugs off a security scare at an Australia Day function in Canberra ..."

    Heres a giggle ; Sandy Aloisi and ABC Political Correspondent Andrew Greene searching blithely for the pony in the pile of horseshit, hit upon Julia's heroic sang froid, amidst the fray, as the subject of awed reverence. What a wheeze !

  7. Professor, I think we need to keep an eye out for the young Mr Hodge. Far be it for me to raise a cynical brow, but I wonder just how long it will be for the young Mr Hodge to be spinning at an NGO, a Government run entity, a Union or some institution of higher learning.
    His next spinning foray should not rate tippety runs in the backyard but lefties being lefties it will indeed be interesting. Sincerity, truthfulness are words that spring to mind..

  8. This board's trolls may try to deflect. The real scandal is not going to go away. Australia Day 2012 will go down as one of the most spectacular own goals in the history of the ALP. Never to be forgotten.


  9. Lizzie -- I agree that "we need to ensure that every rancid act etc" is exposed, but how are "we" going to go about doing this? The Prof's blog is great fun and very instructive, but probably not much read by the swinging voter. The Prof suggested a while back that his audience join the Liberals, and I agree with that too. Do you have any particular ideas?

  10. Leave us not forget that most of these animals were "Bromberg Blacks", not real ones.

  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.January 28, 2012 at 7:31 PM

    To each their own. My tack is to keep talking and writing and getting the word out in any way possible, especially to journalists. I don't ring talk-back radio, but others do 'cos that's their thing. Words are my thing. Words are powerful things and some key people read Bunyip. The Prof does a power of good.

    I also intend to offer to help out at polling booths in next election. Turning car headlights on against the carbon tax was surprisingly effective as a protest, especially in Sydney's Western swinging electorates, and I put the word out on that on a number of blogs. Simple things like this when done by everyone can make a difference: America goes wild for bumper-stickers, don't know if Aussie's would; maybe some Green = Red stickers would be popular, or how about Labor = Lies? I think election day itself is the clincher. Talk nicely to would-be voters, convince them by your arguments and decent sincerity. Beat the slimey Get-Up crowd who will be out in force.

  12. Abbott should announce that a motion of no confidence will be introduced on the first sitting day of the new parliament. Let history record which members support this governments' vile manipulation of indigenous Australians.

  13. "vile manipulation of indigenous Australians."

    Come on!
    The Aborigines have been manipulating the political and welfare system for years.
    good to see that Labor is getting a bit of its own back.