Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Still Waters, Back Channels

PRIOR obligations this morning rule out any posting -- both a pity and a frustration, as the unfolding spectacle of the Love Machine "moving on" from Gillard's race riot is a wonder to behold. It is all a yawn at Fairfax, where the strategy is to round up the usual grievance mongers and let 'em rip. At the ABC, it is last week's story and, if there is a story, then it is the Coalition's shamelessness in transforming a minor incident into a campaign that can only inflame racial tensions and prejudice.

But all that will have to wait until later today.


  1. Swanie's spray on Radio National was a beaut. Did no one tell him the fix hadn't gone through? Mind you it seems to make little difference with him lately. I wonder who / what writes his material? Maybe he has a room full X Boxes cobbled together running some AI pollie simulation? I smell some kind of Turing Test going on. May be Artificial Stupidity?

  2. Professor do take note that the ABC's cherished red Kerry Brian is from now to be referred as Kerry 'Convicted Hoon' Brian.


    Oh I like this comment, "And even at speed, he stayed well to the left"!

    93 in a 60 zone was the recorded speed.

  3. The Fairfax love machine is packing its dacks at Rinehart's offer to increase her stake in the company. Lenore of the love machine also has a piece on Abbott's speech today pretty much ignoring anything he said of substance.

  4. Lets not let them move on.

    I highly recommend folks should start lodging complaints to AAP and the press council with regards to this report.


    AAP are supposed to adhere to the "Standards of Practice of the Australian Press Council."


    We need a correction, apology and naming and shaming of the grub that put that putrescent beat up fabricated smear onto the wire.


    You cant have arseholes getting this shit on the wire anonymously (which it effectively is through AAP) and getting away with it

    1. Replying to myself (apologise for necro'ing the thread)

      Looks like initial Jan 26 1:08pm AAP wire may have been written by Lisa Martin.

      It makes sense considering
      a) she was the first to report on the embassy's 40th birthday

      b) Just compare these 2 pieces
      Jan 26

      Feb 1

      1) The deliberate falsification "However,it was time it was disbanded, he said." has now been removed.

      Without that line both the Headline and Lead-in of the original Jan 26 report make absolutely no sense and would not be an accurate representation of the content.

      2) We actually have a by-line on this new report, why was the by-line not present on Jan26?

      a) Lisa Martin wrote the Jan 26 report as-is,
      b) an editor "sexed it up" into the smear it became and removed the by-line

      Either way, the "narrative" continues


    2. Still necro'ing the thread...


      Journalist was Adam Bennett. AAP performing internal investigation.

      Many apologies to Lisa Martin.

  5. Thanks for your legwork, mdh, but anything AAP discovers will be beside the point. However wrong AAP got it, Gillard's people took it much further, to the nth degree in fact.

    Do you see any follow-ups? Nope, not a word.